Error logging in HTTP API

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This article describes the error logging capabilities of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) APIs.

Some errors that occur in an HTTP-based application are automatically handled by the HTTP API instead of being passed back to an application for handling. This behavior occurs because the frequency of such errors might otherwise flood an event log or an application handler.

The following topics describe the different aspects of HTTP API error logging:

  • Configure HTTP API error logging
    Registry settings control the HTTP API logs errors, the maximum permitted size of log files, and the location of the log files.

  • Format of the HTTP API error logs
    The HTTP API creates log files that comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) log file conventions. You can use standard tools to parse these log files. However, unlike W3C log files, HTTP API log files do not contain the columns names.

  • Types of errors that the HTTP API logs
    The HTTP API logs a variety of common errors.

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