Reset Windows Update

clip_image002 How do I reset the Windows Update settings?

This Fix it solution and article document resetting the Windows Update settings.

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  1. slight says:


    If our Fix it solution is not able to solve your problem please get free support from Microsoft for you Windows Update issues.



  2. slight says:


    There is a new version out today. It runs on XP SP2 and higher.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Error Code: 80240438 “WindowsUpdate

  4. slight says:

    For those that are having issues with Windows Update not working even after running the Fix it solution we appreciate your letting us try to help you. However we are unable to fix every possible issue that affects Windows Update in our Fix it package.

    We are working to make our package better and more comprehensive. In the interim please obtain free support for Windows Update through the following link.



  5. reymond says:

    I have problem in my pc Oreginal in my windows I have windowsvista. I would like return

    to windows xp. thank you. and I dont have sound

    my pc to..

  6. Nova says:

    Used this FixIt in the hopes it would correct my security update failures. Unfortunately not the fix I need.  Still cannot install KB956572 security update:


     errorCode 0x800f0816

     updateTitle Security Update for Windows Vista (KB956572)

     updateGuid {993E3E75-EAD6-4E97-B3C8-5768BAE1C5CA}

    ummmm – back to the drawing board.  Cheers!  Nova

     updateRevisionNumber 102

  7. Dean Lien says:

    Please can you rest/fix my windows update server..


  8. Billberit says:

    It would be easier to tell which steps are for which OS if they were sorted that way or better, this fix was rewritten for the exact OS and version is is for.

    I found many fixes with this problem and lots of the regedit changes don’t exist in different OS versions.


  9. Billberit says:

    Could not even download the fix or get the auto fix to run.

    The error I get is 80244019


  10. Samuel Ziegler says:

    Error Code: 80070005 "WindowsUpdate_80070005" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"

  11. Oren says:

    I tried to run it in windows XP PRO and I got a message : the fix it does not apply to your system

  12. BevG says:

    My first problem was the update program hanging. In attempting to fix it, prior to the Fix It, I "broke" my event log so it would not start automatically. I tried the Update Fix-it and it worked.  However, I had to do a repair install of Vista w/ sp1, to fix my event log and several other services that were not starting automatically.  Now windows update is hanging again.  I have tried both the default and aggressive fix it – both hang at the Check Windows Update status spot and I have to kill the Fix It.  I have since install SP2 – still have the problem.  I am using the most recent version of Fix it.

  13. Saturnsson says:



  14. HATES WINDOWS! says:

    I don’t understand why the link to this fix and the download is not easier to find. I have spent 5 days searching for the solution to the error I got when running updates and not one time did that link appear in the microsoft or bing results.

    ridiculous. totally shameful.

  15. ellie says:

    Incredible that this new fangled opearting system is now being superceded by windows 7. Hopefully this will not be as a diasater as windows 6 vista. What a waste of money XP ran fine and this overbloated system came along to fool us to buy it and then for a whole bunch of people the update service just fails and causes tremendous amounts of loss in time and hair. Thank you, yet again Microsoft! Apart from 98 and XP. The rest of the cousins kind of stunk a little. Hopefully the new windows 7 isn’t a smelly cousin and is a nice clean well shaved boy. We should all get a free upgrade to it if we have update errors, but I doubt if that would happen.

  16. ash says:

    Windows Update 80070005

    try Update show error

    Windows Update 80070005

    error’s found :

    code: 80070005

  17. Jim Wells says:

    I get the message: "error attempting to validate the winsock base providers: 2

    Not all base service provider entries could be found in the winsock catalog.  A reset is needed."  How do I do a reset?

  18. leilani says:

    my windows updates fail please help me fix it

  19. uttee says:

    my menu bar and IE are not on my computer. What to do as i have tried numerpis solutions

  20. Drewfus says:

    'netsh reset winsock'

    What about programs that have entries in the Winsock catalog?

    Shouldn't these entries be recreated after running this command?

    I don't see how this command can be part of the fix without consideration for the affect on installed apps.

  21. Maria Lorenzo says:

    I can't the update of my computer please help me

  22. godwin mungala says:

    Windows Update fails to UPDATE.Error 80070002 dt000 and 800B0100 are recorded.please help me sort out this problem

  23. james says:

    can you reset my update server or manager

  24. james fryer says:

    my microft mrfixit wont install how do i fix this error code80090008

  25. Cindy Clendenen says:

    I had to download Windows XP 3 and install Sage Peachtree 2012.  Went home and came back this morning and nothing.  I restored my computer to Saturday, December 31st.  Now I can't do updates, because it is telling me that my I need active X, but when I go to Manage Add ons, it don't get that option.  

    I have enough memory on my computer.  The problem is is that we have dial-up–no other choice right now.  I need to get Windows XP 3 installed ASAP, along with Peachtree 2012 so I can do payroll.

  26. Corrina says:

    Hi I keep getting error 80070005. I have spent since oct trying to fix but nothing works. have tried Microsoft Fix It, plus the latest download of the Update Reset Tools (SubInac)2012 from your site. Did not fix. Have restarted and refresh in services. Plus I lost Realtek sound as well though it says its there. I cannot hop onto the microsoft sign in site (I have an ID) just comes back with error on site or busy etc and try again later. Please help very frustrated.


  27. kerry says:

    I have run the automated Fix It utility and I have tried several different things as uninstalling and reinstalling to get my windows XP automatic updates turned on I tired and can not resolve this problem no matter what I have tried.  Now its telling me that I am not the administrator, I give up!  SOME ONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PLEASE 🙂

  28. John says:

    win7 machine was off for 2 months. turned on, refuses to update: 80072F8F

  29. Janice says:

    windows cannot check for updates. Get error code 800B0001

  30. Dave says:

    How to reset windows update on server 2012?

  31. Anand garg says:

    open command prompt in administrator mode and type this
    SLMGR -REARM and hit enter

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