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clip_image002 Problems occur when you try to open an Office document from a Web site hyperlink in a 2007 Office application on a Windows Vista-based client computer

On a Windows Vista-based client computer, you try to open a Microsoft Office document from a Web site hyperlink in a 2007 Microsoft Office application. When you do this, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Performance is slow, or the 2007 Office application may stop responding for several minutes.
  • You are prompted for authentication even though you previously entered your credentials.
  • You lose session state. Then, you are redirected to a logon page or to an error page on the Web site.
  • The document is downloaded two times. When the files are large, the download process consumes more network bandwidth.
Comments (8)

  1. Patricia Garnica says:

    We need deploy this fix in all infraestuction, so we have a porblem with te setup, sende the message "This Fix does not apply to your system" the operation suystem is windows vista with sp1 could youb help me please

  2. Wuille, Jacques says:

    Il s'agit de Office entreprise 2007 :

    Ne s'ouvre plus via bureau et via démarrer programme

    Je suis obligé d'aller chercher le sujet dans Program file

  3. Mario Boeni says:

    Microsoft Office Word taucht nicht mehr als Desktop auf.

  4. R. Smith says:

    After fixing registery…. I gert error 1706 no valid source could be found for microsoft 20000

  5. Gaetan says:

    J'utilise les applications MS Office 2007.

  6. leda says:

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  8. leda says:

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