Buffer overrun in Hebrew Word

clip_image002 "Buffer Overrun Detected" error after you install Office 2003 Service Pack 3 for Hebrew

clip_image002 You may receive error messages when you install the .msp files that are contained in hotfix 950009

שגיאה מסוג "Buffer Overrun Detected" מופיעה לאחר התקנת Office 2003 Service Pack 3 בעבריתclip_image002

אתה עשוי לקבל הודעות שגיאה בעת התקנת קבצי ה- ‎.msp הכלולים בתיקון החם 950009clip_image002

Problem description
When you run the three .msp files that are contained in hotfix 950009, you may receive some error messages. These error messages indicate that the product for which the fix was applied is not installed. However, even if though you receive these error messages, the hotfix is installed correctly.

Comments (1)

  1. Yaacov Shemesh says:

    I solved the "Buffer Overrun" by editing the Custpm.Dic file in thr proof dir.

    The error was created as a result of a very long word that was inserted to the dictionary. I deleted the line with the long word and the problem was solved.

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