Turn on the Wireless Zero Configuration service in XP

Problem description
There are times when more than one wireless configuration utility attempts to run on a computer.  This Fix it Solution disables some manufacturer specific wireless configuration utilities and enables  Wireless Zero Configuration service in Windows XP.

Fix it for me
To fix this problem automatically, click the Fix this problem link. Then, click Run in the File Download dialog box, and following the steps in the wizard.

Fix this problem

Comments (16)

  1. james kairns says:

    How do I know when a Mr. fixit solution is already uploaded on my PC.

  2. charlie says:

    thanks,to take me out of this problem of i have been for a while.CHARLIE LOPEZ.

  3. charlie says:

    thanks,to take me out of this problem of i have been for a while.CHARLIE LOPEZ.

  4. Thomas M Lunsford says:

    I currently have a "BELKIN Wireless "G" Router

    240Ghz-802.11g which Microsoft made me disconnect and run Ethernet cable directly to one of my computers.  I have an HP running XP and a Gateway running "Vista" and since I’m not familiar with Vista I elected to hook up my HP with XP on it. I would very much like to put my router back into the system so that I can get familiar with both operating systems.

    I purchased a copy of XP from COMPU Serve, for $98.00, the vista came with my Gateway.

    I have the "BEJKIN" wireless G Router disk and was able to set up, but as soon as I brought the "Vista" machine home and hooked it up Microsoft made me take down my router. I have purchased many other software systems from Microsoft and would like to be able to rum them on any machine that I choose!

    Yhomas M. Lunsford  

  5. Lorianne says:

    My microsoft router will not connect. there is no wireless signal available.

  6. John Marlin says:

    Um, maybe this is too obvious, but how am I supposed to download an application to a computer that can’t connect to a network in the first place?  

  7. JJ says:

    Jon Marlin

    You can save it to a disc or USB drive on one machine and run it on the other

  8. DVD To Blackberry Converter says:

    Is there an easy way to view the results?  When I open the XML file it opens in IE, and appears to have formatting instructions in the code but simply shows raw XML code.

  9. MIchael Perkins says:

    I would like to have a Fix it icon on my desk top!   This is just the greatest. I would gladly give someone a hug.

  10. kayogo says:

    i have just reset my wireless wifii to be set the other computer but the old computer could not detect the signal from apple airport <how come?> what should i do with the old asus 802.11b network adapter,so i can connect to the wifii my email koboct61@yahoo.com.sg.  Thank for the help

  11. Debbie says:

    First..I understand just enough to get me in trouble on the computer, so what are the risks of using this fix to get rid of dells version and can I do this while I am online and will I have to reconfigure a connection with the new zero config before I can get back online with my cable modem? How will my zone firewall deal with all this?

  12. Doug Titheridge says:

    Thanks! that has solved the problem – i could not view any wirless connections and btopenzone appeared to be blocking my wirelss connection – once again thanks

  13. THUYA says:


  14. THUYA says:

    thank very much you .May success on your life more than.

  15. roland says:

    thanks a lot for this tool!!! it resolves my problem rapidly!!! thanks once again, God bless you!!!!

  16. tejash says:

    my wireless zero configuration doesn't working plaease tell me a solution

    i will be thankful to you

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