Microsoft Fix it Solution to Make Microsoft Office Live run once is Live!

clip_image002The "Get Started With Office Live" add-in window appears every time that you start certain 2007 Microsoft Office system applications

We just released another Fix it Knowledge Base (KB) article. This Fix it addresses the following scenario:

When you start Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft PowerPoint, the "Get Started With Office Live" window appears. To make sure that this window does not appear again, you check the Do not show me this message again check box and then click the Close button. However, the window still appears every time that you start Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Comments (10)

  1. Han Koster says:

    This Fix it solution is no solution.

    The problem is still there.

    And I don’t have to tick the box that I don’t want the window anymore. It is already ticked.

    So I tried unticking it and close. But that doesnot help either,

  2. Tim Young says:

    Try doing the manual solution located here:

    Worked just fine for me after the "Fix it" button did not.

  3. Mike Haas says:

    What can I say?  It DOES NOT WORK!

  4. Jonathan says:

    Worked great, on the first try.  It’s nice to have a push-button solution for our users here on campus.

  5. Paulscho says:

    Hi Mike: When you say it doesn’t work, can you tell me what you mean?  Does the "windows Office live" run once continue to occur?  Does it appear each time you launch Office?  Each time you reboot or log on to Windows?  Feel free to send me mail –

  6. Judith D Stanish says:

    Whenevery I try to open the 2007 Microsoft Office system application, I am told I have to reregister the

    program. What the????? Where do I go with this grief?

  7. says:

    I should have Office installed but it cannot be found?

  8. J; says:

    Je suis sous Windows XP,je ne peux ouvrir Excel et Word un panneau s'affiche : "Impossible d'accéder au service Windows Installer, ceci peut se produire si vous éxécutez Windows en mode sans échec."

    Merci de m'aider.

    Bien cordialement.

  9. Trompette says:

    Microsoft fix it solution to make microsoft office live run once is live

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