Microsoft Fix it Solution to delete lower & upper filters for USB or external hard disk drive is Live!

clip_image002A computer that is running Windows XP cannot detect a USB flash drive, an Apple iPod, or an external hard disk drive

We just released another Fix it Knowledge Base (KB) article. This Fix it addresses the following scenario:

You attach a USB-based device to a computer that is running Windows XP. Then, you try to scan for hardware devices. However, the computer does not detect the attached device, and you do not see the device in the My Computer folder.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. siljaline says:

    To ammend the comment I left a while ago, my Corsair flash drive is now miraculously working again 🙂 ::rollseyes::

    Had to an SR point and some things in Device Manager to force the device to be recognised.

    I am good for now. However, the original MS FixIt should be restored as it did work as I used on many a machine with this issue.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How can so many people have this problem, and Microsoft remains unresponsive? It’s not like they’re the only OS out there. Come on, Microsoft, give us a break and a patch that works, now!

  4. siljaline says:

    The original MS FixIt worked, the new one does not and why is it installing PowerShell under Win XP Pro SP3 ?…/925196

    I have a 8 GB Corsair Flash drive that is not being detected when I insert it in any USB port while other flash drives I have on hand are detected.

    Has the flash gone south or would there be any other solutions anyone could recommend save a Sys Restore ?


  5. Nora says:



  6. Joe says:

    After running this fix and rebooting, I was prompted to install generic volumes.  My EISA Configuration and System restore partitions are now visible partitions with drive letters.  I don’t want these to be shown. How can I undo this?

    This didn’t help my ipod USB issue.  The ipod gets disconnected after syncing (drive letter disappears) along device is still attached.

  7. aaron says:

    I try to connect my Ipod touch and it is not being recognized by the USB port or iTunes. Other items (camera, microphone) work fine. I tried to run the link and the computer comes back and saya link will not fix my computer? Please assist, all ipod devices will not work?


  8. Jayant Chaudhary says:

    I have XP SP3, and when I run this tool, the output shows "This ‘Fixt it’ does not apply to your system."

    Any idea what could be the reason?

    Also, the issue still exists.


  9. angry says:

    I have the same problem as Joe. Now I have local discs showing for some reason????  And the problem was not fixed either.

  10. John Noons says:

    Same problem as Jayant in that the fix doesn’t work.

    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is something I found out; My USB 1.0 devices still work. I have an old USB drive that still works and anything that seems to be able to work as a USB 1.0 and a USB 2.0 is working, but only as a USB 1.0. Nothing purely USB 2.0 works anymore.

    My problem occurred during use. The computer seemed to freeze and the cursor disappeared. After a while, I hard booted the computer to find myself in the current predicament.

    Anyone got any ideas, as I’m losing patience with this whole thing.

  11. alistair says:

    obviopusly a common problem that nobody appears able to fix – have gone through all of apple and ms troubleshooting to nno avail

  12. Dan_IT says:

    Hej Fixit Blog, I have joe’s problem. My system restore partition is now visible as a separate drive which is no help and I still can’t find my USB drive.

    How can I undo this?

  13. jackie says:

    I also have an ipod w/ dock connector that isn’t recognized by itunes or my computer.I installed a new battery and restored to factory settings. Now all I get is an icon showing the dock connector end of the apple usb cord and an arrow. The "fix" said that it didn’t apply to my computer!I have removed & downloaded itunes, rebooted, stood on my head! Help! How can I resume use of my ipod?

  14. MAP says:

    After I ran the program, I am not able to see the drive letter for my C drive in disk management screen.I can see correct drive letter in windows explorer.

    What happened. ?? what do i need to get back the drive letter/volume name.

    My problem was not fixed with the fixit program.. maybe it has to do with jumper settings

  15. J.B. says:

    I have done the following to fix the problem and nothing seems to work.

    Upgraded BIOS

    Upgraded chipset

    Installed service pak 3

    Unintalled USB ports in Device Mgr/Hardware

    Attempted registry changes using hotfix – like one of the individuals listed above, it said "This Fixit does not apply to your system"  I am running XP Professional.

    The USB ports do not appear in "My computer" along with hard drive partitions e.g., C:, D: , CD or DVD drives.

    The "ta dum" sound that you hear when removing a USB ported device is not present at all.

    The icon that is in the lower right areas that says "SAFE TO REMOVE HARDWARD" is gone.

    Microsoft technicans do not appear to have a fix for this.  I paid $59 and can’t get them to call me back.  I have sent emails trying to get them to call me back, to no avail.

    Any suggestions?  There should be a USB reset fix somewhere.

  16. CAL4 says:

    I try to connect my Ipod nano and it is not being recognized by the USB port or iTunes. Other items (web-camera, microphone, printer) work fine. I tried to run the link and the computer comes back and saying link will not fix my computer? Please assist, all ipod devices will not work?

  17. CAL4 says:

    I try to connect my Ipod nano and it is not being recognized by the USB port or iTunes. Other items (web-camera, microphone, printer) work fine. I tried to run the link and the computer comes back and saying link will not fix my computer? Please assist, all ipod devices will not work?

    can you help?????

  18. Grathú says:

    Hi Guy’s, ran the fixit link and it appears to have fixed (no pun…) the problem 100%. I’m running a dell dim’ 2300 with XP Home SP3, all usb’s attached fired up as they should, 🙂

  19. josephine norman says:

    window problem with code CS5C3TKR

  20. Rob says:

    I ran this Fix It and my Fujitsu laptop will no longer boot. The Windows boot sequence starts and then I get a quick blue screen flash and then a hard restart.

    It’s going to be a long day.

  21. Rob says:

    Even Safe mode would not boot.

    Fortunately "Boot Last Known Good" did work.

  22. will says:

    I’ve tried all those things. Even tried using the code OxOOOO blah de blah to try and knock some sense into my PC. Then I got folk like REG Cure trying to hawk me their wares. I still can’t get my girlie ipod shuffle to work or memory stick. The PC recognises all other hardware like my camera and older memory stick but not the new one or ipod. Help

  23. phyllis abrbaria says:

    i have a ipod ,i think it apple i’m not sure , i would like to dowm load music that is christion and sprit songs . also, dod i download the right thing?

  24. Ian says:

    Didn’t work for me. None of my USB ports are working. Seems to have happened after I attached my iPhone. Tech looked at it and tried it with flash disk, which worked. Got PC home. Now I have no USB devices connected but still get the message"usb device not recognised"! Have deleted the USB’s from PC and allowed PC to find them after shutdown. Still the same.

  25. julie says:

    I downloaded the fixit for not recognizing a usb device and I cannot get into safemode, last working windows xp. I get to the sign in and click start and all it does is log me off. Help!!!

  26. julie says:

    I downloaded the fixit for not recognizing a usb device and I cannot get into safemode, last working windows xp. I get to the sign in and click start and all it does is log me off. Help!!!

  27. John says:

    I no nothing about a computer, I bought a camra tried to down load pictures to the computer. the PC reconised the new hardware but siad it could not help as it could not find software for it. It should of reconized it as a dick drive. So I check it on the family computer and it work fine. So I got my XP start-up disc, it said to run an upgrade report. When I did I got can not upgrade because missing E:i386winnTupGNETUPGRD.Dll.

  28. Mel says:

    Doing this all I could not use my keyboard or mouse anymore after I booted.  I had to reinstall the operating system.  This just made things worse and wasted my time.

  29. james says:

    I would like to know why it dosn’t. It used to for the better part.. every since Ipod came out I’m sure.. now It’s not? — What did you do now….

    Your meant to give customers satisfaction, not annoy them to change to your newer platforms, because Gates’ 10 story high mansion isn’t big enough yet…

    What.. did he not have enough to build himself a few more stadiums and private pool clubs..

    Stop beign stupid and send us an update to downgrade our systems for Microsofts lastes c*ck up..

  30. Susie Plaisted says:

    I get a blue screen whenever I put a flashdrive in but everything else is ok I did this delete lower and upper filters of USB If theis doesn’t work waht do I do next.

    Any help would be greratly appreciated.

  31. Carol Scott says:

    My iPod nano will no longer connect to iTunes.  I have tried manually restoring it several times and even tried thru iTunes but I get errors that say "unknown error (1415) the iPod could not be restored".  My husband has a shuffle and he does not have problems.  I have tried the Delete lower & upper thing but that did not work.  Now I cannot update my iTunes with the new version.  I need help please!!  I do not have a URL address so I entered my email address.

  32. rajesh says:

    can please any one give the solution for the above all.

  33. Zeba says:

    Same problem as everyone else. Did not solve the problem and left behind an addition local disk, that I don’t know how to get rid of

  34. Fanny Funny says:

    Hey! I join this club. Fooling around with all advice & instructions, fix it for you, window update, update driver.. Of course, ntohing solve my problems. I can’t even print.

  35. DVD To Blackberry Converter says:

    dear devecal,

    You can save it to a disc or USB drive on one machine and run it on the other

  36. Del says:

    I put my Iphone USB to my USB of my computer but just say to balloon

    "Windows does not recognized" what method i use? please help me! I

  37. Adi says:

    i ve deleted my upperfilters, and now my keyboard has stoped working, please help

  38. Brian says:

    running computer checkup is ruining my computer!!! Have a problem with my cd/dvd drive so I Ran computer checkup and it shut down my computer during scanning and when it turned back on my USB ports don't work at all anymore.

  39. Donald Loth says:

    my printer and PC are set up for a flash drive but i have not yet installed one

  40. Raj says:

    I try to connect my Ipod nano and it is not being recognized by the USB port or iTunes.

  41. doc Walters says:

    I am not sure what happened, but of the two ways I had to go onto Concord law school classes, I now only have one that works.

  42. Jack Dakin says:

    My system information is gone and I can not restore my settings to an early date

  43. Eric says:

    I installed a program which I bought online for a direct download and the programs is called "Advanced System Optimizer 3"

    now that I'v downloaded it, I do not see that m laptop is an quicker, however Now while playing cribbage my laptop crashes. it also crashes when I'm online too.  why is this happening, and can it be fixed or should I ask for m money back and uninstall this program.

    Thank you for an help.


  44. BENNY says:

    they must have been erased at one time on my XP home edition solitare,spder solitare,minesweep,3d pinball. I can find no help, from del or microsoft what can I do?

  45. Cindy says:

    GREAT! and I've just purchased an external hard drive and though I haven't gotten it (UPS) – is this telling me it won't work now?

    frustrated already,


  46. Carol says:

    Since I installed this I now find I can't accesse my SD card reader, what the hell is going on !!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. mike says:

    i'm trying the update my iphone through Itunes, but when i connect the iphone, i'm getting an unknown error message, 0xE800000A.  

  48. bob graves says:

    winxp   usb root hub   code39.can you fixit?

  49. Dave says:

    My CD writer will not allow me to transfer any data to a CD. I can read CDs but not write on any. It will not read a CD when you place one inside tray. Keeps sayin insert disk.

  50. Kayleen Rickle says:

    WHat krap….Sad …All that Money.. and…

    Microsoft is trying to make a dollar out of -15 cents…

  51. Ann B Miles says:

    I am unable to access as my browser, AOL/Internet Explorer

    When I click on the IE icon on my desktop (or thru Start menu)

    it takes me to a page of MANY options regarding IE ….none of which applies.  I just want to be able to sign on !

  52. Joseph A. Swift, 864-590-4802 says:

    I can't get anyone to help me get rid of "content advisor" I have tried every thing off the page. Is their any automatic procedure

  53. J0SEPH A. SWIFT says:

    I can not get you how to delete "content advisor" from my system. The steps given are covered by the thing asking for my password 15 zillion times.  PLEASE

  54. cela rame avec xp et plus encore ave intent nexplorer says:

    ce bloque sur facebook avec des comùmo city ville ou la belote , la ferme media fles player se d"éconnecte  QUE FAIRE SVP

  55. Oscar C Salinas says:

    I have a new external DVD drive USB connected but still trying to find out why is not running.  Not detected at all.

  56. Funkycarly says:

    Wenn ich eine SD Stick in den Card Reider gebe wird kein Laufwerk angezeigt

  57. hamdi says:

    my usb drive cant work well help please

  58. Pannonicus says:

    Driver für USB2.0 HD External Box wird für XP Prof. nicht bereitgestellt. Wie und woher bekomme ich den Driver?

  59. Lasse says:

    Kan ikke instille skype! For bare beskjed : Skype 5.10 KB 2727727 mangler!

    Under står: Your PC Performance is poor!

    Ha betyr det???   Hjeeeeeelp!!!

  60. mike groen says:

    usb plug and play does not recognize camera

  61. Jose Luis says:

    las unidades cd dvd no leen los discos

  62. Gazaoui Samir says:

    Bonjour cher Monsieur, Madame, Suite de mon installation de Windows XP Prof peu de temps de votre mise à jour reçu Windows a detecte il manque des fichier BOOT.INI je donct lance la recherche dans le fichier ma rien trouve il faut le active

  63. Gazaoui says:

    je tien a voir ci il supprime cette avec le logiciel ce par fois il fait sont travail pas tous le temps ca fonction le fix comport des erreur par fois

  64. jazel hall says:

    my built in camera for Lenovo is not coming on

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