Microsoft Fix it Solution for Registering Internet Explorer Files is Live!

clip_image002 Method 4: Re-register .dll files in KB 813444

clip_image002 The new window that you open in Internet Explorer displays a blank white page

clip_image002 Windows Search, script errors after upgrading to Windows XP or after you uninstall Norton SystemWorks 2003

Technical details about this Microsoft Fix it solution
Name: Reregister Internet Explorer Files
Version 1.0.0 - Automates steps in
KB813444, KB902932, and KB913503.

  • Registers files associated with Internet Explorer
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  1. Andi says:

    my microsoft liscens or validation has been hijacked, my control panel has vanished, everything I have tried hasn’t worked. It won’t up date, please help

  2. Paul South says:

    My internet explorer does not work i have ie 7 Internet options are missing from the control panne???? ever see that befor??

    It says ERROR loading C:WINDOWSsystem32

  3. Carol Sivewright says:

    I keep getting an error message "This aplication has failed to start because ArcCon.dll was not fount. Re-installing the application may fix this problem"

    I don’t know how to fix this or re-install this application. What do I do about this?

  4. keith Knight says:

    have tried to fix spooler with both automatic fix and  manual fix but still get this error message.

    the operation could not be completed.

    the spooler service is not running

  5. Kee Kim says:

    The fix it did not show down load screen.

    Let me fix solution of removing ITBarLayout did not bring mnue bar or tool bar.

    Help Help Help

  6. Ethel Gibson says:

    Window service terrminator with specciic error

    Import error bad magic numberin C/programfiles File C pyagcore line 6 Runtime error

    .  Please correct it. I can’t afford to spend the money on FIXING IT.


  7. Molly Plunkerz says:

    I have tried everything I can find to try and nothing helps. I clicked the fix it and saw a quick flash but nothing was fixed. I also ran regedit and the lines it says to delete there are not there to delete. Hubby put IE 8 in a few days ago after I told him not to. lol should of kept my mouth shut. But I told him I still have IE 6 in my xp and it works just fine. I downloaded IE 7 several times and removed it several times. This morning his pc would not boot, he kept getting a warning that windows DEP or DEC was protecting his pc by not allowing him to open a program it mentioned builders or framework or something like that. I thought I’d remember name and didnt write it down. This warning came up every time he restarted his pc and when we clicked ok on the box it went to a black screen and stayed there. The 3rd time it came up I clicked the bottom of the warning window that opened the help area. from there I got to the windows restore and restored it back to April 3rd and it worked and at least the desk top and start became available. I thought it was fixed but when he opened IE 7 there was no menu bar nor any way to bring it up. Right clicking on the toolbars had no options of anything like they normally would. The internet options in control panel wont open, Cant download anything. I also got a fatal warning when i tried to remove a toolbar  that said i needed to go download and reinstall a missing exetend.exe file from my service provider. They sent me to download site, but I cant download anything. I read the OWNERS MANUAL and tried all I read there. I restarted pushing F12 when Dell site name came up. I went there and ran all the tests available there and nothing found wrong. I ran spybot and AVG and there was a few spies but no viruses. I tried running all the chkdsk’s mentioned in user manual and the only one that ran was the read only one. Its like his computer went limp or lost the power to do anything asked of it.  We tried about 4 other restore points and none would work, only the first one. Then we tried to reformat it back to like when new 4 times and it just went straight to the desktop every time we pushed ctrl and F11. Then I found your fix it page and it was of no help either. I hope Something is found to fix this soon. Sorry for all the bad comments, told the truth. Very frustrated for over 13 hrs now. cant get anywhere. not sure what an URL is. was up all night and cantr think

  8. Inam says:

    I am unable to install Internet Explorer 8 due t the problems in my previous explorer

  9. Mary Horne says:

    This did not fix the problem. When I go to the website a message says that Internet Explorer has stopped working. It says to close the program, but it doesn’t close. It says that the tab has been recovered and then the message saying that Internet Explorer has stopped working again.  It does this over and over untill I close Internet Explorer.

  10. Clem Bifulco says:

    Did not fix the problem… still showing a blank page. What to do???

  11. Roger says:

    Did not fix the problem… still showing a blank page. What to do???

  12. brattini says:

    Nope didn’t work ! Maybe I should go back to IE7

  13. gina thomas says:

    it fixes 4 a lil while then when i go to bring something up just blank white pages i dont get it.

  14. RoyB says:

    I concur.   It is only a temporary fix never lasting over 24 hours before I get "Connecting" forever.  

    We need a real fix!!

  15. doreen goldberg says:

    arccon.dll was not found.  how do i correct?

  16. doreen goldberg says:

    arccon.dll was not found.  how do i correct?

  17. RoyB says:

    For my systems I’ve found a work around that helps.   In the Internet Options/Tab/Settings for "When a new tab is opened, open" I selected "Your first home page".

    When used the default "The new tab page", I usually get the Connecting… (forever) problem.

    This worked for IE8 in both Vista Ultimate and Win 7 RC.

  18. SATYA_DBA says:

    Thanks a lot it's really really helping us…….once again thanks to microsoft

  19. Saleem Zibari says:

    Frequently I am getting this pop up message" This tab has been recovered (The problem with this webpage caused Internet Explorer to close and reopen the tab " I will appreciate if tere is a way or program is using to remove this message or not showing me again

    Thanks for help

  20. Thomas Walker says:

    I keep getting a pop-up that states, This tab has been recovered. A problem with page caused Internet Explorer to close and reopen this tab.

  21. Don says:

    how can I fix- "this Tab has been recovered"

  22. donny says:

    How do I fix? "This Tab Has Been Recovered"

  23. zhanxinkeji says:

    We are professional dealing with goods.

  24. Richard A Snyder says:

    can not register microsoft error fix, can not find or fix internet explorer 9.   does microsoft make any programs that accually work?

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