Error Code 2738 When Running A Microsoft Fix it Solution!

Problem description
When running a Microsoft Fix it solution you may encounter an error code 2738. This error occurs because the Windows Script Engine is not properly registered.


Error message details
The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2738.

Fix it for me
To fix this problem automatically, click the Fix this problem link. Then, click Run in the File Download dialog box, and following the steps in the wizard.

Fix this problem

Comments (133)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cool – it fixed the problem with PhysX installer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I facing the same situation like Jan Heines.
    Fix did not work out for me. Still no installation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I facing the same situation like Jan Heines.
    Fix did not work out for me. Still no installation.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i hav the exact same problem and find microsoft to be of absolutely NO HELP at all unless you pay them. if u take a good hard look at their “self help” or any “microsoft troubleshooting help” they make it look like its so simpl and then they take u to their useless sites and u can count on repeated troubleshooting searches with these assholes. usually to a “24 hour long” microsoft community jabber by thousands of others having real microsoft help and once u get on their site troubleshooting index the hav liss of ” useless-moronic” questions that u already know the answer to like..” to i set update for automatic”. DUH!!! i dont need them to tell me that! i am just fed up eith microsoft anymore. ive been trying to pinpoint the fixit answe ( thats actually helpful” for hours now. seems to me when microsoft offers and markets this “fix it center” thing..( among other things they offer” that dont work), well..for a huge company like that and the fact that “you also purchase microsoft with ur pc’s..well..IT OUGHTA WORK PROPERLY ( NO BULLSHIT INVOLVED! ) i am so done with getting a mac next time. NOONE that has a mac ever has these ridiculous issues! sorry i went on a rant..( i needed to vent, lol)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Use this Microsoft Fix it automated soltion to remove IE8 if you need to. But if you are only having problems with certain Web sites, you might want to try Compatibility View first. Resetting Internet Explorer can also solve some problems and avoid uninstalling

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Use this automated solution to reset file and registry permissions and other default settings for security in Windows.

  8. Thierry Dominique says:


    For the past two weeks, I’ve been trying to install Internet Explorer 8 on the vista and I always encounter errors while downloading it.  What should I do to make it right?

  9. Catmoves says:

    Oh, this is priceless. Was it put out April 1?

  10. Al Hebert says:

    When I use IE 7 installed on my new HP Touch Screen all in one. Not all pages open when they are supposed to. Various error messages appear.

    If at at one site and  they have a link to another- it won’t op[en that second page????

  11. Bruce Davis says:

    Can’t install encarda 22206 on my vista pc

  12. Hunter Wylie says:

    After installing IE8 it failed when starting with multiple protection errors. uninstalled it and reinstall it again with the same exact failures on startup of the application.  Removed IE 8 and reinstalled IE7 with application failing to install because it found IE 8 and IE 7 already install.  Removing IE via the control panel failed.

    Removing IE 7 & 8 manually and re-installing it looked good, but IE 7 would not start.  All the Microsoft fixes were tried and retried and  failed to resolve the problem. No IE version worked after the initial install of IE 8.   Interestingly Safari and  Mozilla continue to work just fine.  

    I guess this is another good example of MS releasing untested software on the customer base expecting them to debug your products and pay the price.  I guess there were no lessons learned by MS from Vista, Access 2007, etc, et al..

  13. Fred Bradley says:

    I enjoy using the Microsoft FixIT.

    You guys hit the nail on the head again!

    100% Kick a$$. Thanks guys and Gals. I appericate it.

  14. myles ripley says:

    it only took me an hour to find this solution but it instantly solved it for me!

  15. Akhilesh says:

    Hi i m akhilesh in my pc i have a major problem

    when i swich on my pc it restarts after 5 min and then working good

    on first boot up i have this problem please help me……send me mail to

  16. Mirza says:

    Fix it solved my problem. I was using WIX and vbs on Windows 7 to make installer.

  17. Tomas Jirka says:

    I was trying to install Windows AIK for Windows 7 on Vista 64-bit. Install was ending with this error. Fix it solved my problem.

  18. remotepc says:

    Thanks for sharing ..its very useful for everyone. keep try to updating this.

  19. remotepc says:

    posted my problem at and got some tips …..thanks Jenny

  20. лариса says:


  21. Killen says:

    Have had this problem when trying to install update for .NET.

    Found info regarding it is VBscript module that has change. (But for diff. installation package)

    All I needed todo was to re-register the dll.

    Just type:

    regsvr32 vbscript.dll

    In a cmd prompt.

    That did the trick for me.

    I recomend giving it a  try.

  22. Rick says:

    Worked om this bug for hours with reg fixes and MS support. Fixit wouldn't install. for some reason yours worked great! Thanks

  23. Vlad says:

    Very thanks for this soft!!!! Very GOOD !!!!!

  24. Rajiv Chavada says:

    It solved my problems……thanks for this post and solutions…..

  25. lisa says:

    when i click on My Documents, and then click on a document to open it, nothing happens the document will not open, however, even if it does not open it will print out the document, i need it to open so i can view the documment. Microsoft word.

  26. ricardo says:

    Excelente muy buen parche , recomendado !!

  27. Sue Roberts says:

    This is the second time I have run Fix it for running Fix it for problems.  The "Fix it" solution method still does not work for any issues.

  28. I am not sure if I got this to work or not.  Robert

  29. Ali Polat says:

    Thank you very much. Fix it solved my problem. I appericate it.

  30. gerpato says:

    all fixed thanx, i have been trying to fix this for months, FINALY.

  31. tom says:

    This is absolutely brilliant. Enough said.

  32. Christina Drozda says:

    cannot install fixit, erro code 2738. what should I do?

  33. Shirley Eilers says:

    It says there has been an unexpected error installing this package and the code is 2738. I pushed the button that the problem be automatically fixed and it wasn't.  What do I do now?

  34. Paul Tjostem says:

    Worthless!!!   I get an error code 2738 when I tried to install Microsoft Fix It.   I then search for a solution on how to fix this error.  What do I get from Microsoft's website for a solution?  A article telling me to run the Microsoft Fix It!!!   Now you tell me…if I can't install Fix It in the first place, how the heck am I going to install it to fix my original problem when it won't even install!!!   It's like I keep getting a run around from Microsoft.   This all started when I tried doing a routine update and one of the updates failed to install.  I'm not a computer wiz…but I'm not slouch either.  I just wish Microsoft would have easier solutions to their dang failed updates!  I can see why people are switching to Apple!  

  35. Tnelaine says:

    Wouldn't work, says its not a valid WIN32 Applaction

  36. aceraspire says:

    this did not work on my acer aspire 5532

  37. james fiorello says:

    my laptop very slow open wait for 25 min.

  38. Helen Hunter says:

    my screen is not set up right, I don't have access to start button. can't get to control panel

  39. Wind says:

    Man this is bull im switching to Mac's

  40. Bob Hyatt says:

    Could not upgrade the UPS software without getting this error. It solve it. I use this site before (Change IDE to AHCI etc)  with great success. Keep it up! Thanks

  41. Elving says:

    This worked beautifully!  Easy, efficient, and effective.

  42. Laurie R says:

    Thanks so much – it appears to have worked!

  43. Madeline Bing says:

    Recent updates have not installed.  Code 643.   On this site, that code refers to 2738.  Tried Fix it, but no success.

  44. FireStar says:

    Thank you!

    It worked perfectly!!!!!!!!!

  45. Stephen Decker says:

    My explorer closes on a failure quite often.  I have to reload Chrome quite often.

  46. Michael Sands says:

    You guys suck. Vista's inherent wifi connection issues are now legendary, and your only solution seems to install windows 7??!! Supposedly fixit 50357 will "fixit"??? But to make that fixit work, I've got to run this fixit??!!! Ok. Can't wait to see if I get another error code, about the error code, about the fix for the fix. You should give every single person in the united states a FREE copy of windows 7. Screw you. I'm buying a MAC. Bite me, Gates!!

    -Michael Sands

  47. Howard Ledford says:

    It cant fix the error the code 2738 because it cant access windows installer.

  48. Vern says:

    I can not get my CD drive to work properly..  It will not load new programs and if I try to play a cd in plays in slow motion??? I get an error message that says Window installer could not be accessed or is in safe mode or not correctly installed. Please help me out  here. I have tried everything I know to do.

  49. IT Consulting Solutions says:

    wow this help me out to solve the problem . I searched lot then i got this helpful post. really thanx for helping

  50. Kat says:

    The fix it just keeps going around in circles, never runs, just goes back to run now, then save, then download, a window comes up and says you cannot delete items in recylce bin – which is full of CACHE, EULA stuff, I think files accidentally were deleted a while ago – I though they were restored, maybe so, because it says move it, dont move it, replace it and it will be call blah blah#2.  What do I do?

  51. hming3 says:

    This is so frustrating!  All of the green check marks are suddenly gone from my contacts.  I don't know how that happened or how to get it back but I cannot make video calls to anyone!

  52. Homer Joy says:

    I've been waiting a long time to stumble across help like this and I'm sure a whole lot of others have too. THANKS

  53. Mike Philp says:

    Since upgrading Windows 32 bit to 64 bit and reinstalling Skype I ran into the same problem. Tried your solution and bingo. Thanks

  54. Bikram Nath says:

    cool dude, it really works thanks man………





  57. A says:

    Not successful in resolving my problem.

  58. (Bi Wupperman says:

    I have tried Fix This Problem five times and keep getting there is an Error Code problem 2738

  59. Betty Pencek says:

    I don't know if it works yet. I need to check fix it center and  I will know.

  60. wendy martin says:

    way cant i sign in i have put more passwords than i can remember icant get my skype page with all my names and address please help

  61. AhBencoudon says:

    Solution is not working for me

    Everything was fine but suddenly, trying to logon to skype and was not working

    I am able to uninstall Skype but the error occurs when I try to uninstall Skype Click to Call

    I tried every single solution, including this fix it  and SpeedMaxPC  but still doesnt work

  62. Donnie says:

    So much thankful! to this software "Microsoft Fix it" it help me to my software problem

  63. My computer will not open video (like YouTube)...etc. says:

    There is a blank box with a red x in the left hand corner.

    Please either fix this for me or tell me how to do it?


  64. msk says:

    It did the job! 🙂 Well done. Thank you!

  65. Rokitman says:

    This is ridiculous. Internet Explorer 8 was somehow disabled. Tried to reinstall it…fail. Tried to use FixIt… fail. tried to use a FixIt to fix FixIt… FAIL! I HAVE to have I.E. to run a diagnostic program but can't install it. What do i do NOW Microsoft?

  66. Chandrahaas says:

    While running Microsoft fix it I have encountered Error code : 0x80040154

  67. Vern Harrington says:

    Nothing happened. I still have the problem.

  68. Sandra says:

    no puedo desunstalar skype error 2738 para volver a instalarlo y que funcione

  69. Sergio Zepeda says:

    GOOD! Much beter than Windows help. Cngratulations

  70. Hollyecho Montgomery says:

    Did not work. Still got error after "fix it"

  71. Lula Hawkins says:

    Thank you, this area was/is helpful!

  72. Pedro Muxo says:

    This didn't work. Fix that didn't work for another fix that didn't work either. Any fix that works here?

  73. Ruby says:

    ran the fix it, restarted, tried to itnsall skype, got the same error. I have windows 7 starter and I do not to upgrade windows. Tried manually to run the dll files from the cmd. but the 2738 error persist. also the the error shows when I tried to install Home Concert Extreme.

  74. felix says:

    This does not fix the error code 2738 problem. I am very dissapointed

  75. JimV says:

    I'm getting this 2738 error code upon failure to install the Fixit 50897 workaround patch for the new zero-day exploit for 1 of 6 computers — all 5 others processed the MSI patch successfully, but this machine won't.  The machine with the problem is running Vista32 SP2 Ultimate, fully patched and up-to-date; the others where the patch was successful are running XP Pro SP3, Vista SP2 Home Premium, or Win7x64 Pro.  The 50181 fixit patch from this webpage doesn't produce a different outcome, although it will run through to completion.  I do not find any of the registry entries for vbscript.dll and jscript.dll misplaced into the HKCU section as has been identified as one potential reason for a return of that specific error code.  So, still hunting for a viable solution…

  76. Cim says:

    lol a Fix It for a Fix It! Whatever works… =D

  77. Bill Amadio says:

    I can not install EMET

    Error Code 2738

    Why can't I down load this without additional software I have RC Registry and PC Matic software why do I have to purchase another software program?

  78. pissedoff says:

    microsoft must employ nothing but drunk monkeys for programming. why else would something work this morning and fail just hours later and continues to not function even after restoring my computer to day 1 of installation!

  79. ANGELA says:

    Im trying to install USB AT&T connect program on my laptop. Therefor, I can't log on to the Internet so I cant download the fix utility what should I do

  80. wkteddybear says:

    had same issue on windows XP PRO.

    now fixed! Thank You

  81. rock says:

    It was pleasure reading your post. I really like your post. And, I will come back for further posts. have a good day and happy writing.

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  82. Delish Arow says:

    Still I get the same issue. I am trying to fix the calender which shows in blank orange gadget.

  83. Corstiaan van der Staaij says:

    Thank you for this solution Everything works again

  84. denis garand says:

    microsoft fix it did not start problem with netframe is having a problem  

  85. kate4 says:

    Still it wont work. Error 2738 and 1603 exist. I got mad with this. Please help.

  86. Jon says:

    I'm trying to install palm software for a zire 71 PDA. I keep getting the "internal error 2738" message. I have tried typing "regsvr32 VBScript.DLL" into the command prompt and that didn't help. Now the "Microsoft fixit" didn't fix it either. Any other suggestions? I have Vista on this laptop.

  87. alex says:


  88. jj says:

    Thank you, this has been making me nuts and now I can get a "microsoft solution"

  89. Fernando says:

    Im trying to update the labchart program and the same error message appears. However this link did not fixed the problem.

  90. lightwardblue says:

    didnt fix it on my toshiba. Skype is my problem and it sucks.

  91. Paul B says:

    It is simply an atrocious lack of professionalism that MS doesn't push this repair out automatically. One fix on top of another, and it still doesn't work. I guess MS hasn't made enough money to do this right, right?

    No, actually it's an inducement to force people to upgrade to Win7. You've earned your lack of good will, MS.

  92. Zalek Bloom says:

    I clicked of Fixit link, but my problem was not fixed, still I am getting error code 2738 when I try to install Skype.

  93. says:

    It didn't fix my error 2738 problem.

  94. Mervyn says:

    Getting error 2738 trying to uninstall Facebook video Call feature. This "Fix It" didn't help – still get the error message after running this fix

  95. Conrad says:

    All I was trying to do was disable the Windows key (which every gamer on the planet hates with a burning passion!!). Ran the Fixit (50464) to disable it; got fail code 2738. Ran Fixit 50181 to resolve the issue……still fails! Problem finally solved the old fashioned way; tore the key out of the keyboard.

    Question though – why is it so God-damned hard to disable a key that's so universally despised by millions of gamers? Has nobody considered putting an option to disable it into the control panel?

  96. devendra kumar pandey says:

    error 2738 after insttal for skype so please solved for this

  97. leelo7 says:

    I have problems with facebook browsing and facebook games i'm using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8 my desktop is a Acer 32bit , can it be fixed???

  98. Андрей Киев says:

    БОМБА!!!!!Класс!!!2 часа не мог ничего сделать!А с этой программой за 2 секунды все наладилось!!!)))))

  99. saira says:

    hi i m saira i want to get rid of error 2738, tried a lot of solutions but not even a single worked out…plz help

  100. ML49448 says:

    This "fix it" did nothing to solve my problem. I still get the error 2738 when I try and install my program.  The web holds no answers I have not tried.  Please help!!!!!  

  101. William says:

    After not using my Skype for 3 weeks people could not see us on Skype, I tried do reload Skype but came up with the error message 2738 on both uninstall and reinstall of skype

  102. says:

    it didn't fix error code 2738, I have tried everything, I have used your fixes before. No one seems to know how to fix this issue. It's all over the net with 100's of different things to do. Thanks for trying though.

  103. Ellis says:

    I'm having the error code is 2738 but when click on "Fix this problem" it said "MicrosoftFix50181 (1)?

  104. scarlet says:

    Hey Thanks!it worked. I should have found you earlier.I almost wasted a whole day trying to fix the problem. Great job!

  105. L. Houze says:


  106. Mary says:

    I have run the fix it twice.  1st time restarted…still got the error:((

  107. Elaline says:

    I wasn't given the option of a File Download dialog box… So no wizard help. What now?

  108. frances truman says:

    i have no sound, i need help to install ldt high definition audio codec

  109. C. H. says:

    I use this service all the time, but as of a couple of days ago, it doesn't work anymore. Now when I try a run a fix from the site, I get this – Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services BootStrapp – …has encountered a problem etc etc etc

  110. Тимур says:

    При установки Скайпа выдает ошибку 2738 . Установил данную программу, но увы не помогло .

  111. Jan Heines says:

    Fix did not work out for me. Still no installation. How is this possible

  112. JasonR says:

    Didn’t fix a thing, and definitely not what it advertised it would fix.

  113. scorpio says:

    Many thanks. I was finally able to uninstall skype click to call after many weeks of frustration.

  114. Not_Pleased_At_All says:

    Apparently a misapplication of this fix .. got this fixit as a solution for correcting registry for product activation. It locked up on restart .. startup repair looped for half an hour .. had to restore in safe mode …

  115. Alam Zaib says:

    I’m setting up a Skype installation is not the solution but how to tell

  116. skype says:

    I’m setting up a Skype installation is not the solution but how to tell

  117. Roger says:

    Skype login page scripting is failing. Reinstalling skype gives error 2738. IE11 javascript doesn’t work (totally related). Attempted to run MS Fixit 50778 and got error 2738! Stop trollin me MS! So I ran this Fixit 50181 and it says it “worked” but then I ran Fixit 50778 again and STILL get error 2738. I even tried uninstalling IE11 and downgrading to IE9 but the IE9 install says IE11 is already installed… I had forgotten how “educational” using windows was. I sure love my Mac.

  118. LadyWickah says:

    Thank you, this helped my problem. I really appreciate it.

  119. Legolas says:

    I am facing same problem as Roger.

  120. Rob says:

    Did absolutely nothing for me.

  121. rony009 says:

    Hey I had the same issue with my computer. I wasted my time on it for
    many days but finally I got a solution from this link

  122. Mika says:

    super, j’ai voulu désinstaler wga car suite a un remplacement carte mère windows à voulu que je réenregistre ma licence et je n’avais pas moyen de lancer l’enregistrement licence. avec un fix it pour supprimé wga j’ai eu erreur 2738 avec ce fix it tout
    est rentré dans l’orde, windows c’est validé nickel et normalement

  123. nick1 says:

    you can try to perform a quick repair the existing office installation.
    I don’t recommend an online installation as it may reset the activation settings.
    for more understanding, I hope the below link should be useful for you.

  124. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    I used your MicrosoftFixit25004. It worked perfectly but there is a problem, when I try to open any drive by double clicking on that it shows a message "The drive protected by BitLocker Drive Encryption is already unlocked". I am fedup of this. I can’t
    open any drive by double clicking, if I have to open any drive I have to take right click on that and choose second option i.e. Open. Please solve this problem and please inform me after solving this issue on the following e-mail:-

  125. Nicholas says:

    Hey I have faced the same problem against this issue but i resolved this issue with the help of this link

  126. Kieran says:

    Hi i have faced the same error code working with office 365 after lots of try lastly got the solution from this link

  127. still the same after running this tool. it hasn’t solved this problem.

  128. PDoniger says:

    Telling me to fix an error with "Fix It" by running Fix It is absurd! Does anyone have a REAL solution to Error Code 2738???

  129. anonim says:

    fix nothing you have to pay X(

  130. anonim says:

    fix nothing you have to pay X(

  131. sdujòhfaòsukh says:

    use nothing this is bullshits X(X(X(X(X(X(X(X(X(X(X(X(X(

  132. whatever says:

    right click on it, click open..

  133. Maria says:

    It did NOT FIX IT!!!

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