Error A Script Required For This Install To Complete Could Not Be Run When Running A Microsoft Fix it Solution!

Problem description
When running a Microsoft Fix it solution you may encounter an error stating a script required for the install could not be run. This error generally occurs when a security or antivirus program blocks scripts from running.


Error message details
There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

To resolve this problem, turn off script blocking in your security or antivirus program.

If you experience this problem with another program and find a solution, please leave a comment for other users on this blog.

Comments (20)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Use this Microsoft Fix it automated soltion to remove IE8 if you need to. But if you are only having problems with certain Web sites, you might want to try Compatibility View first. Resetting Internet Explorer can also solve some problems and avoid uninstalling

  2. Anonymous says:

    Use this automated solution to reset file and registry permissions and other default settings for security in Windows.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh, this is priceless. Was it put out April 1?

  4. Andre Luiz Santos says:

    If you use AVIRA Antivir you need it do deactivated as well

  5. huck says:

    Hello, Comment stop the manuscript? Where is the safety program? Thank you. Cordially

  6. ticked off says:


    GR Gr

  7. jim says:

    I get this error and I use Windows Live OneCare.  What next?

  8. jim says:

    OK, let me clarify.  I have Windows Live One Care and I’ve turned off the script protection and I still get this error.  Why can’t I get this utility to run on my Vista machine?

  9. Kaze says:


    i got error when i install application from

    .msi file,the message is "this installer package is corrupted & windows installer cannot open it,verify this installer is valid……etc."

    every .msi file i execute show thats message…..

    what must i do????please help me…

    (My OS: Win XP Professional SP3)

  10. DVD To Blackberry Converter says:

    Is there an easy way to view the results?  When I open the XML file it opens in IE, and appears to have formatting instructions in the code but simply shows raw XML code.

  11. free music downloads sites says:

    i got this error a number of times and installing the right script has dot me out of here.

  12. Mohamed says:

    I have install the Skype and then I have facing the problem with script required  please provide me the solution as soon as possible.

  13. Mohamed says:

    I have install the Skype and then I have facing the problem with script required  please provide me the solution as soon as possible. and I have the windows 2007

  14. Gem4 says:

    I have Microsoft Essentials I can't find turn off Script on it. What do I do now?

  15. bhaskar says:

    turn off script blocking in your security

  16. Identical error with AVG Anti Virus.  Solution is to right click the icon and temporarily disable AVG

  17. Jeff Lewis says:

    Tried turning off Symantec End Point Protection, (in Win 7 SP1 Pro) for the Word RTF fix. No difference.

  18. christine s. says:

    Hi I’m am trying to download / instal my order auto desktop pro 6 and it keeps having this pop up ….or saying that I can save the file here because I’m missing my installer! I previously downloaded it on another computer but it was running to slow and
    I need to get my art work done …so is there any way you can help me?
    The website help is doing nothing to help me resolve the issue and its getting rather frustrating!


  19. Akashb says:

    I turn off but not instal

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