Open User Accounts in Control Panel Fix it Live!

clip_image002 Open User Accounts ın Control Panel

Technical details about this Microsoft Fix it solution
Name: Open User Accounts ın Control Panel
Version 1.0.0 - Automates steps in

  • Blocks on any operating system except Wındows XP
  • Regısters necessary fıles all allow openıng the User Accounts ıtem ın Control Panel
Comments (7)

  1. Michael Houlihan says:

    I just got this download today, and I am not yet sure what it is all about,is it FREE? can I sign with my live account or my ID. On looking down the list of downloads I seen a failed to download on help exe code 80248007 it said it was very important? Please can you help me as I am a complete novice with computers I just want them to work but every day I have to do something, also I am on the fastest brodband but windows is very slow although My son who is a graphic Designer (does some work for (microsoft)cleaned it up for me when he was here now I am left not knowing my left from my right Please Help

  2. derekge says:

    You may not be able to open the User Accounts item in Control Panel on a Microsoft Windows XP-based computer.  This will fix that for you.

  3. nathan22 says:

    tbh my xbox only connets but it doesnt allow the IP adress

  4. james t wilson says:

    CANNOT Open program from the Welcome screen, tho I click on my name. CAN open program when clicking on my psuedonym. What gives??

  5. myths says:

    can this be used for windows vista??/

  6. patricia murray says:

    wrong email display  for  messenger id  can not sign in ?

  7. Onalee Brenneman( says:

    I cannot open any of my needef. I got a virus. A malware virus can you fix it for me?

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