Reset Internet Explorer Settings

Fix it How to reset Internet Explorer settings 

Fix it Method 5: Reset the Internet Explorer settings

Try this automated solution to delete cookies and disable add-ons in Internet Explorer 7 or 8. Resetting can solve a number of problems such as a browser that is slow, crahes, or hangs a lot. Read about resetting or watch a demo for more information.

Technical details about this Microsoft Fix it solution
Name: Microsoft Fix it 50195
Old Name: Reset Internet Explorer Settings
Version 1.1.1
Additional Information: Localized in 23 languages

Version 1.0.0 – Not Released

  • Checks if Internet Explorer 7 or higher is installed
  • Opens Reset Internet Explorer settings dialog

Version 1.1.0 - Released

  • Updated to improve user experience

Version 1.1.1 – Released

  • Localization update
Comments (46)
  1. izdelava spletnih strani says:

    Which antivirus programme are you using Chris. I had this problem ony in IE8 runing Bitdefender in the background. After it reach some number in download, for example 10MB of downloaded files, everything froze up. While using Mozilla or Chrome things were working fine. After choosing between IE and Bitdefender, i obviously choose IE 🙂 Cos it’s simply the best browser, still.

  2. Shafig: you can use this Fix it solution to skip the RunOnce page:

    You can change your Search and other settings manually afterwards if you want.

  3. leticia guzman says:

    how can i remover my internetexploererand .and interneteploereploberin my coupterand hoe to fix it thing you i need help.leticiaguzman

  4. Janice Elaine Olson says:

    I tired of my Internet Explorer 7"CRASHING"

    I contacted Microsoft,PAid to have it taken off! It still gives me error messages that it has to shutdown.Which it does on it’s own.I lose everthing ,I have to start OVER.And then I’ll get a debug thing.I’ve have the malicious soft ware on ,I have done

    EVERYTHING" possible to solve this??????

    What do I do………….I’m tired of this programn…………JEO

  5. psparck says:

    the size or the print are so small that I can not reed, this started when I downloaded Explorer8. I would like to read what is on the screen without straining my eyes.

  6. John Pearson-Hart says:

    The Reset wizard for IE 7 fixed perplexing & frustratingproblems that I had with this issue for several days.

    Thank you very much!


  7. Louis Paul Toscano says:

    I still do not know it Fix It worked.  These Fix It windows came up just as messed up as before.  Additionally, there are graphic problems in the taskbar below.  The Windows there only display an "E".

  8. Louis Paul Toscano says:

    Besides the problems restoring my toolbar, which I am not sure got fixed, print and edit commands (i.e. copy) do not work.  Print buttons freeze and the right click menu does not come up.

  9. James Fisher says:

    Still cannot log into secure websites like Amazon.  Amazon asks to enable cookies, and cookies are enable, yet I still cannot log into Amazon…even after running MS Fix It

  10. Carmen Harrington says:

    Still cannot log into secure websites, place any orders online, or access any sites that require "enable cookies" no matter how many times I reset.  Cannot even access the "Reset Internet Explorer Settings Fix it Live!"  This is getting very frustrating.  Cannot use the points for reading emails, either, for quite some time.

  11. angel says:

    Started having problems after I downloaded

    IE8…from MSN. Runtime errors, Visual C++ errors…..gave FIX-IT a shot. Hope it works.

  12. grant says:

    Have had problems with IE Explorer not running certain active X controls – tried everything over the last few days. Gave FIX-IT a go as a last resort and problem fixed.

  13. jean says:

    Gave Internet Explorer fix it a go and it worked. thanks

  14. Sandra says:

    I can not open Internet Explorer I need to install Activex Control.How do i get the Activex Controls installed;PLEASE HELP ME;Thanks

  15. P. Adams says:

    Thanks for being there and for the help.

  16. shafiq says:

    having installed ie7 – next time the web page automatically opens http// thw window asks to "apply settings" but when i click on it having chosen settings the whole page freezes. and seeting are not applied. at bottom left of scrn say "error on page". any help available?

  17. leeanne fleck says:

    internet explorer not reponding then tells me to close it

  18. David L. J, Pilotte says:

    Thankyou, for the program.  It was very handy for me, this time anyway, sencerly, Dave L. J. Pilotte.

  19. M says:

    I’ve tried this twice now (with reboot) and still does not work. (using IE 8)

  20. Nick Jones says:

    Everytime I open Internet Explorer a message keeps coming up about an AOL toolbar it cant find. Have taken all the toolbar progs off and its still coming up

  21. Carmen says:

    thanks to you quick fix by microsoft

  22. Lesgrueb says:

    Did nothing for IE7; unstable, no toolbars. IE7 was reinstalled after same problem, which began when IE8 first installed.

    Suspect: files/keys lost due to aggressive antivirus (Avast!) which cannot be disabled for software install, and possibly Spybot S&D.

    Also: Microsoft updates which require reboot (which re-enables security – antivirus and registry protection) then tries to write new files, keys before user can disable security…

    Try back to IE6 ? (offline with no a/v etc)

  23. john kokoszka says:

    i tryed installing internet explorer # 8.

    i do not like it,i am trying to go back

    to # 7.please help john.

  24. john kokoszka says:

    i tryed installing internet explorer # 8.

    i do not like it,i am trying to go back

    to # 7.please help john.

  25. C. Mohanan says:

    Kindly reset internet settings

  26. John says:

    Is there a link to remove IE8 and install IE7?

  27. administrator says:

    Internet Explorer shows offline.

  28. Chris says:

    My Internet Explorer 7 running on XPproSP2 comes up with a box showing ‘debug’ or ‘close’ when I try to run the program.  It only does this in ‘Admin’ or ‘Power User’ modes though.  If I log in as a ‘guest’ for example, IE works fine.  Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.

  29. سلمان says:

    مشكله الاكسبلور لا يعمل ابدا

  30. mike says:

    this 'repair' is terrible. it is nothing but gobbledegook.  Just lie the rest of this program

  31. Samantha says:

    I keep getting an error about microsoft visual c++ runtime everytime i try to load games on my comp. How do i fix this problem?

  32. kathy ball says:

    please help me i don't know how to fix my desk top but it keeps freezing up everytime i try to use it . it says program not responding

  33. Bill Edmonston says:

    I am getting a window saying there is a script error and on several occasions it fails to open the requested page

  34. Lela Coley says:

    I am experiencing a problem with typing  messages on the internet.  In the middle of my typing the screen that I am typing disappears.  As in losing the message I am unable to retrive the message.   To be more accurate the page dances around as if I am driving and attempting to take video shots.

  35. jazzzietee says:


  36. pictures problem says:

    hot mail ie does not forward pictures I recieve in emails and attempt to forward.I do not mean attachments.

  37. Elaine says:

    I keep getting the message that run time error this app has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.  how can I fix it?

  38. Irene says:

    cant play any club pogo games from internet explorer 7 its saying error something about url even this page i am on says error page

  39. Margaret M. DeLorenzo says:

    Hope it is fixed.  It is very disturbing trying to get into internet.

  40. Bob Hyatt says:

    My computer, too often just stops when I am going from one e-mail to another I have to shut iot down and start over. WHat am I doing wrong -how can it be fixed?

  41. josephbrown012 says:

    Thanks for this post, i will try that.

  42. Kern Waltraud says:

    Warum kann ich oder trotz korrekter Anmeldung nicht öffnen???

  43. Jan Hagström says:

    Eror messages that the dator crashing!I have done everything.

  44. GAZAOUI says:



  45. abderraman abdeselam says:

    no me sale en la pantala el n ombre de google.

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