Media Center Extender Video Error Fix it Live!

We just released another Fix it Knowledge Base (KB) article. This Fix it sets the MFNETSOURCE_DISABLE_UDP registry value to 0 as described in KB 931364.

Version History
Runs only on Windows Vista with Media Center
Checks if ehReplay.dll is version 6.0.6000.20669 or higher

Comments (16)

  1. tom says:

    Runs only on Windows Vista with Media Center!

    will you guys this to work in xp?

  2. Julio Ronda says:

    I can’t watch Movie DVD’s on my PC.  It says something about missing CODEC.

  3. DEAN EDWARDS says:

    I can’t watch Movie DVD’s on my PC

  4. Karl says:

    failed to geet troubleshooter catalog

    Error MatsGetSapcatalog failed

  5. Dwayne owen says:

    Media Center is not on my pc do not no want hapend to it dos some one want i can do to fix this

  6. media center is not working says:

    video error message is displayed when using medua center not working correctly

  7. aachyo says:

    my system folder my computer is opening so late it shows serch for a few min



  9. kenneth edwards says:

    my windows media player has stopped working and i cannot figure out how to restore it.

  10. Lois Cider says:

    Having problems viewing videos on Facebook. Why?

  11. Nelly says:

    hope  this   wil  fix   all thank  you

  12. Scott says:

    I wish you would put out a comprehensive fixit for the media center in XP. My guide is corrupt and when I start media center it no longer even offers radio or tv as a choice on the menu or settings also the help file won't load.

  13. Trompette says:

    Media center extender video error fix it live

  14. sabinojoe3 says:

    everytime i play a video, my processor humms and off goes the video…why?

  15. michelle mazza-froewiss says:

    8.1 media player codec do not connect

  16. akterhossain butto says:

    all error code delete media site

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