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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would like to report on the application at this address…/pt-br I am encountering problems with Windows (R) Installer. V 5.0.7601.17514 and using one of the options where I am having problems installing the option. The application does not offer the option of which program I want to install than the list published in the detection process. And it offers a way to guide the application which program I'm having trouble installing. also does not offer the option if my problem was solved or not and do not know if it was resolved. and gather information about the detection

  2. Hi Peter,

    I added a link to Genuine Advantage support to this page. This is where you can get self-help and technical support for this problem:



  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I have a salon with computer software from Inepro called Tetris which is quite old but works, however, we have been having an error message popping up and starting up/re-booting issue's, the error message reads. " Problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. The problem seems to be caused by the following file LALMRNTS This is the first time you've  seen this stop error screen restart your computer if this screen appears again follow these steps. The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop this usually indicates problem with the device itself or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly please check the hardware device vendor for any driver updates . I also noticed  in brackets (USBd). I am working hard to get Inepro to support us however, being in Holland and with the system being quite old, they are not too quick to respond. My computer runs 7 sun beds and is crucial to our setup. Our operating system is Windows and a mix of " Windows XP Professional & Windows XP Home ", my man has been doing some work for me ! Would appreciate any idea's on what might be causing this issue before I go any further. Cheers.

    Adrian. R. UK

  4. Thanks for the comments Loudog! I’m so glad that you were able to solve your problem with one of our Fix it solutions! Your comments help us make our solutions better and know that we’re making a difference. We just implemented some changes to our blog layout that will hopefully make it easier for you to find a palce to leave comments. In general, you can add comments to any post or page (except the home page), and there is also an "Email" link at the top left of every page.

    For everyone requesting help or support for issues not related to one of our Fix it solutions, please use the resources at the top of this page. We can’t respond to requests that are not related to a Fix it solution, but you can use these resources to help you solve these problems.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would like to report on the application at this address…/pt-br I am encountering problems with Windows (R) Installer. V 5.0.7601.17514 and using one of the options where I am having problems installing the option. The application does not offer the option of which program I want to install than the list published in the detection process. And it offers a way to guide the application which program I'm having trouble installing. also does not offer the option if my problem was solved or not and do not know if it was resolved. and gather information about the detection

  6. Nancy Dunlap says:

    I am having trouble with opening websites within a website…it kicks me out each time or sends an error message then kicks me out.  Please direct me to where I need to go to remedy the problem.

  7. Peter Sepulveda says:

    My problem is this: when I start the computer the systems seems to go into a loop.  The CPU usage is between 90% & 100%.  This goes on for about 15 minutes.  Sometimes the clock won’t be updated for up to 5 minutes.

  8. jim(a.k.a. stressin') says:

    i have a problem with my MP3 PLAYER. when i connect it i eep getting a windows has encountered a problem & has to close  error, then it shuts down ."HELP!!"  PLEASE.

  9. Patricia May says:

    During the last three to five years, I have been hacked by a neighbor(family member) at least 10 times on new computers.  He was in the military, had told others that he had classified programs that no one could beat.  I feel he is still here with me, since it is showing about 7 users other than myself in Documents and Settings.  He has stolen at least one msn account that I had had for about 10 years.  Called Microsoft after receiving letter from MSN about this misuse.  MSN is still allowing him to control this account.  HELP?  Also read about Feb 12 virus, he has that capability.  I have a broadband connection with router.  We live at Mallory, WV  25634.There names are Mark and Sherry Flannery, my lost account is

  10. j says:

    i can not login to be a adminitrator i have just got my lap top  i recieve a message that says i have limited privliges conect to my administrator

  11. COLIN LOW says:


  12. Loudog Dablog says:

    Congratulations to all of you on the Fix-it team!

    About 2 1/2 years ago I decided to spend a bunch of cash on a new system and software so I could get up to date with the latest in communication tools and introduce them to the people I do business with in the construction industry.

    If there is any industry that could use better communication and reporting tools it’s Construction and I had made it know that soon I would be showing everyone all the benefits of my investment and would get everyone connected and communicating online.

    I even wrote a business plan based on integrating MS Office, Project, Q-Books pro and mobile Apps that would allow for anyone on a project to view and update their info online, 24/7, and in real-time.

    It took me a few months to teach myself most of what I needed to know for what I wanted to do and was ready to go. My boss at the time was already having me do basic docs and spread sheets and was loving the idea of my plan.

    But the plan was only theory because of all the bugs and updates to xp sp1 and 2 that kept me going back to the "knowledge base" looking for answers. It was the most frustrating thing I have ever had to deal with due to the information overload you are confronted with one you enter.

    I even dubbed it "The Microsoft vortexual Knowledge base of information Hell", because of the way it would suck you in, spin you around, and spit you out the other end with out a clue of how to solve the problem.

    Its like it was written to impress graduate professors who already know the answers, with all the endless links to possible causes and their solutions to a particular symptom, that leaves the non professor wondering where it was he started trouble shooting and how to get back there.    

    So to make a long story longer, kinda like the knowledge base, I have spent more time fixing my system than using them. Its been so bad at times that I started using Google docs as a backup because I didn’t want to get to the end of another project and find at the last minuet that some update or driver I didn’t install was locking me out of the printer.

    Its happened more than once.

    But this time, when I had screwed up the policy setting to some networked files which locked me out as an administrator of my entire system, I found your fix-it solution to the problem.

    And it worked without any problem restoring all the permissions to every file that I had managed to screw up. Good Work!

    I will end this by saying that its no secrete that Microsoft has failed in the past by not providing good solutions to the problems they create, and, that if you have a problem with something you are better off going to C-net or a non-MS user group before heading off to the vortex of informational hell.

    Microsoft has great products that has,unfortunately, been plagued with bugs that require constant updates, and attacks from people who like to exploit anything they can find without any regard to people like me who just want to get their work done. And this little solution to what was a big problem that I created not only fixed my system, it let me know that your finally getting the message and are working to take care of the people who spend their time and money on your products that they rely on daily to work like they are supposed to.

    Keep up the good work!

    P.S. You might take a look at the usability of this blog because  I had to look around a bit to find a place to give you the feed back you asked for.

    A Microsoft signature if yaknowadimean!  

  13. carmela says:

    I have an Advent 8212 laptop and I downloaded a version of the software QuarkXpress. However, when I try to launch the programme I get the following error message "This version of QuarkXpress cannot be used with this keyboard (86).

    Is there something I can do to get it to work??

  14. Peter says:

    i was given my computer to help with college work, i installed updates and not i cannot get into anything, it tells me my soft ware is not genuine microsoft, bit i cannot get into anything, how can i fix this problem

  15. Ruth Richmond says:

    When I send an e-mail message addressed to a friend, and  also to myself, the message  to my friend is delivered, but not to myself.  It seems as if a message to me has been blocked. How do I fix it? Ruth

  16. LaDell Hollenbeck says:

    I have Create & Print through American Greetings and have always been able to print the cards. I was told by them to uninstall IE8 and reinstall IE7, which I did, but not when I try to print the cards, it states I have to install active x control but the box only allows me to run it, and it won’t work. I can print everything else but the cards. Is this something you can help with or do I need to contact American Greetings again?

    Thank you


  17. NP Ward says:

    I have just reverted two laptops back to IE7 from IE8.

    One machine (Girlfriend) had Facebook issues.

    Second machine (Mine) was just too unfamiliar.

    My new machine is running Vista and I am having enough problems with this without adding the changes in IE8.

  18. dhiru parmar says:


    Could you please help me i keep getting a pop up box stating ;


    every time i open a program.

    How do i fix this problem?

  19. Mohammed says:

    i cant watch vedios that i download, it keeps giving me this code, how do i stop this coe and start watching my vedios????

  20. Mohammed says:

    i cant watch videos it keeps giving me C00D11B1 that code, i have widos vista, what do i do to fix it???

  21. rotsui says:

    I installed microsoftfixit50053.exe the other day. Whilst I ran the unformat program, (final data enterprise 2.0) to recover the formatted and deleted files on drive e: for instance, io device error popped up. The driver for the external disk drive was not recognized by the computer after all.

    does the program affect unformatting of an external drive?

    if so, please advise the proper way to uninstall/deactivate microsoftfixit50053.exe.

    many thanx

  22. Susie Korosi says:

    I have a Dell Latitude D410 laptop – when I tried to open Quark I got this message – This version of QuarkXpress cannot be used with this keyboard (86). I haven’t added another keyboard or have done anything different. I need Quark to work as I am going overseas and need this to do typesetting work voluntarily. Please help!

  23. Dan_IT says:

    cant watch videos that come in my mail.code cooDe11B1 how to fix

  24. paula kruger says:

    i am having problems posting comments on facebook this error keeps coming up and will not let me do anything

  25. patrih says:

    Error code 0x80000FFF

    What about when Windows doesn't fully starts? I get a blue screen and the PC restarts. Again and again. I tried Repair, restore, etc… But because it does not fully starts I'm not able to launch regedit.exe from the Start Menu.

  26. sanjeev kumar<> says:


         automatic solve all problems blocking,enfiction etc.


  27. Carlos Sotomayor says:

    I have windows vista home basic. I have an issue where I can't set defragmentation to do it on a set schedule. What can I do?

  28. Carlos Sotomayor says:

    We post a comment here, but where do we get the answer??????

  29. Ken Bland. says:

    I had a problem being unable to operate some functions on my computer, with a pop up that said Error framdayn.dll not found. after lengthy eforts by me to correct this problem which failed I found Microsoft Fixit. I was asked wether I wanted to fix it manually od let Microsoft fix it. I chose Microsoft fix it, which it did in a fewe seconds, in fact it was so quick I thought it hadn't worked. When I checked every thing worked perfectly.

    Thank you Microsoft fix it.

  30. Janet Finegan says:

    I deinstalled I.E. 8 and now I cannot get on line to reinstall it.  What do I do?

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