Install Xbox 360 extender for Windows Fix it Live!

We just released another Fix it Knowledge Base (KB) article. This Fix it sets the KB895961 value to 1 as described in KB 954622.

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  1. bmahaf says:

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    We do have a post ( where general comments can be submitted.

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  2. craig says:

    can not find my pc on my xbox and wmp11 and wmc is two diffrent things please help with extentions

  3. nathan22 says:

    non of these sems 2 help me some 1 sed i need a disc but it never came with my xbox 360

    im on xp if u can help me at all can u get hold of me at ""

    iv set all my setings befor it just says my ip adress dont work the only thing is i dont wanna have all my fire walls off when im on the internet (witch its telling me 2) if u got eny help for me feel free 2 email or instant message me (msn address up near top)

  4. Jun Calamba says:

    this is not the usual experience i may cross upon

    thanks to it..i’m always interested on this field.

  5. Peter Cerven says:

    Yeah i have a problem thati have the right ip address and i have a ethernetcabel.Now i connected it and i whent live.well i tryed to.So i tryed alomst every thing.My computer is a windows vista.I briged the connectins togetther nothing happend.I when to the shared and clicked the two bocks.But when i whent to advanced on shared it did not have Xbox(192.168…… and other stufff.My friend said he has it on his computer but i dont have it on mine.Its wired beacuse on my moms laptop it has wifi.and on my dads PC computer it wworkes to and he Has XP this is so wird and i just whant to go live please help me……………………….

  6. Jack says:

    Hey I have a question. I have the 3rod lights and it’s annoying but if i wait it will work fine. What is wrong? I get this multiple times. ? Thanks, <a href="; rel="nofollow">Jack</a>

  7. ML49448 says:

    I want to help you banish your Xbox 360 red light problem! In fact I've been showing others how to do this for over 2 years! Don't throw away $140. Don't wait 2 months to get your Xbox fixed!

    I assure you – your XBOX 360 is not the first to have this problem. Most importantly: fixing your XBOX 360 doesn't have to take months or cost hundreds of dollars – BELIEVE IT: YOU CAN fix it yourself!

  8. ML49448 says:

    Discover How You Can Easily Fix Your XBOX 360 3 Red Lights With Our Dual Stage Fix That Has Been Fixing Thousands Of XBOX 360 Like Yours In UNDER 1HR

    Get more info:

  9. Odyssey_2011 says:

    having problem with volume on my lap top control not working.

  10. doc charlo says:

    shockwave flash keeps on hanging in google….unresponsive….what will i do to fix this problem????it's really annoying…help pls….tnx

  11. xbox 360 says:

    my xbox 360 dvd drive dont work could i ues a xternal dvd player so i can play games on please

  12. xbox 360 says:

    ive got a xbox 360 the dvd drive dont work but the xbox 360 works fine no red lights dashboard comes up ok but is there enny way i can ues it with a external dvd drive so i can play games on please thanks

  13. Michael G1 says:

    hi um i have windows xp sp3 and i cant figure out how to add extenders like there is no TASK MENU

  14. Lorenz Brotzer says:

    Allways when i start my PC, there is a message as follows:

    MSVidCtl System Briadcast Message Receiver: ehRecvr.exe Fehler in Anwenduntg

    Die Anweisung on 0x53801d4f verweist auf Speicher in "x00000000" Dre Vorgang "read konnte nicht auf dem Speicher druchgeführt werden.

    Not possible to finsih this program or to debuggen,

    Ich kann dieses Programm nicht beenden und auch nicht debuggen.

  15. jari virtaranta says:

    can i open xbox live my console,i own prepeidmobilenet sticks.

  16. Amar says:

    Windows Mediacenter was working fine till notice appearedonthe screen that it is crashed. Nothing was done to the system, Perhaps there is a corrupt file that need replacing

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