Images Appear As A Red X Fix it Live!

We just released another Fix it Knowledge Base (KB) article. This Fix it implements resolution 7 of KB 887797.

Comments (2)

  1. slight says:


    We really appreciate your feedback.  We have a large group of people working to make sure we can deliver automated solutions to you. Your feedback helps us to make our solutions better!

    If you are interested in more information, please feel free to check our blog (, or visit/join our Facebook group called ‘Microsoft Product Quality Online’ (

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  2. aanders says:

    A little more direction from this site would help me to know what to do… Took me a few minutes to figure out that I had to access the article you referenced in order to get the fix. Granted, I would probably have found the FixIt link in the article to begin with but assistance on what to do if I come across this site before the article would be helpful.

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