Disable IPv6 Fix it Live!

We just released another Fix it Knowledge Base (KB) article. This Fix it disables IPv6 as described in KB 929852.

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  1. aakash says:

    Thanks for all of these FixIt tools!  Please consider adding the IPv6 FixIt tool to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929852 so that users can easily disable IPv6 if needed.  Right now, the only place I find this tool is at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/952842, which isn’t obvious since it refers to an Exchange Server 2007 installation.


  2. valreie carpenter says:

    contacts say I am not showing that I am on line are digned when I am, What do I do?

  3. Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen says:

    Doesn’t work with Windows Server 2008 R2

  4. Rami says:

    Link is broken and i cannot find the Fixit

    Please help

  5. Ashish Jaiman says:

    It’s not working for Windows 2008 R2 Versions.

  6. Charlotte Raymundo (MSFT) says:

    The correct link is:

    Windows Fix It article to disable IPV6


    We are currently working to get the information updated.

  7. Eugene says:

    I installed a new server 2008 R2 server and was working fine. After I ran the Fixit to disable IPv6 I have issues where the network takes long to identify. Applying computer settings takes about 1 minute since. I cannot get it to role back even if I manually change the registry. Does anyone know how to fix this issue. I think the Fixit changes something else other than the normal stuff

  8. Stefan Dzimidko says:

    Thank you for this update.


    Stefan Dzimidko


    <a href="http://winipv6.com">Windows IPv6</a>

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