Enable hotfix for the address of this site is not valid Fix it Live!

We just released another Fix it Knowledge Base (KB) article. This Fix it enables the hotfix as described in KB 890474.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    pc trava e u mause nao fuciona

  2. Anonymous says:

    pc trava e u mause nao fuciona

  3. antonio@iluciano.com says:

    My version of OfficePro 2002 corrupted my upgrade installed student Edition 2003 Office. I was trying to fix a pervious problem with ProjectPro and screwed everything up. Now I just want my Office 2003 back with OUTLOOK… I have all the keys… etc…

    During repair Office 2003 it can not find the .CAB file I use the disk and the OS still can not find it…

    Other questions, in programs installed .repair process, could I remove all of Office 2002, and can I safely do that and still recover? Should I remove everything i.e., MOP2002 and MOSE2003 and reload? I’m a small business (1 person) and this is really slowing down my productivity. I would not be asking these question if I had more time … I would just do it… but I’m short on time and patients. Thanks for your help


  4. Ufemia Heard says:

    I want to install office 2007 but I have office 2003.  I cannot un-install old version.

    Do I have to uninstall 2003 first before I can install new version?

    I have tried to uninstall old version but won’t allow me to says the patch could not be opened verify patch exists.

  5. Peter Hutchison says:

    Is there an equivalent document for Office 2007 or does the same Registry key for v12 of Office work for Word 2007?

  6. Doug says:

    I have a repeating file that won't erase. It looks like this: filename.ppt(89). The series goes to over 2000 of these (filename.ppt(2137). I found them during a search. The "type" is a Shortcut file, and is filed in My Recent Items folder on the C drive. (CUsersMyNameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsRecent Items). I cannot delete these files from the search results. It tells me the file is no longer located in Recent. When I go to the folder, I find no folder named Recent Items. There is a folder named Recent, but it is empty. I have since deleted the host file that these shortcuts are pointing to, but they remain intact.

    Is there any way to delete these files?

  7. Roger says:

    I've recently installed Microsoft office 2007. I cannot send or receive any e-mails.

  8. rodrigosan says:

    corrigir o erro ; o endereço do site não é válido.

  9. microsoft office will not take upgrades

  10. dashcutyonduty@aol.com says:

    MAPI32.dill for Microsoft Office Outlook seems to be corrupted  What can you do?

  11. dashcutyonduty@aol.com says:

    Clarification:  To install Microsoft Office 2003 Outlook missing MAPI32.dill.

  12. josie says:

    I think my office 2003 edition was corrupted during a download, now I can no longer open attachments sent via e_mail.  What can I do to fix it?

  13. Francisco de Paula Oliveira Fagundes says:

    Ainda não sei utilizar corretamente o programa pois o instalei recentemente e estou aprendendo a utiliza-lo.


  14. charles says:

    Microsoft Office 2010 encountered an error during the installing process.  Explain why and how to repair the problem.

  15. Maxwell Poliakovas says:

    Enable hotfix for the address of this site is not valid Fix it Live.


  16. mselvakumar says:

    j'aimerais activer correctif pour l'adresse il fix live n'est pas valide je ne sais pas comment faire

  17. Trompette says:

    Activer correctif pour Fix It Live, merci.

  18. Alipio Damatta says:


  19. leda says:


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