Increase Folder View Settings and Customization Limits Fix it Live!

We just released another Fix it Knowledge Base (KB) article. This Fix it increases folder view settings and customization limits to 5000 as described in KB 813711.

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  1. J. Dunlavy says:

    An absolute God-send.  Thank you!  This issue was REALLY ticking me off.

  2. Herve' says:

    Every time I log on, the on scrren key board comes on. I have already closed the tablet box.

  3. MMRPS says:

    yeap. a GOD Send This Is.

    however.. i did tinker with the



    Please advice me whether this is dangerous or not.. I need stability.


    For you McGyvers out there

    don’t you guys dare to do this without consulting MSFT service guys.

    i will not be responsible.

    however should you wanted too..

    backup your windows to another partion incase things did not work out.


    itempos and scrollpos set to the max



    and. here too


    all the items with pos.

    also set to the max.

    POS is to me … err err position?

    me being presumptuous.

    Excessively forward

    "the duchess would not put up with presumptuous servants"

    wordweb 3.02 dictionary

    freeware stuff of course.

    donationware our gratitude for such kindness and that helpful.

    this WAS IS?? before i found you guys and yes. wooooo the matter is that tiresome even the BAGMRU SIZE or is it BAGMRUSIZE did not helped.


    and Good Day.



  4. Rick Nieber says:

    This fix works, but only temporarily.  Upon reboot I have to run the fix again as all my folders reverted to the standard detail view.  I set my main desktop folders for icon view but this setting no longer sticks after reboot.

  5. Scott Carson says:

    this fixit did not fix the problem

  6. Scott Carson says:

    this fixit did not fix the problem

  7. Joe says:

    It is an explorer setting problem, fix these two keys.

    HKEY_Current_Usersoftwaremicrosoftwindows currentversionpoliciesexplorer

    change the NoSaveSettings value to "0"


    Change this setting also to NoSaveSettings value to "0"

    You might have to restart the computer.

  8. teresa melton says:

    cant import my resume from pdf file to microsoft office

  9. ML says:

    I can't wait to see if this fix works – haven't tried it yet.  I have thousands of music files on my external hard drive, and I'm so tired of having their folders default to "pictures" instead of "music."  Hopefully this will settle that problem.

  10. Gazaoui says:

    lors de la suppression des fichier dico par accident peu de temps de sa je me suis apperçu ma restauration a été desactive par l'une de logiciel impossible de accedes a cette message en mode de recherche sur internet et sur pc dous peu venire Die Anwendum Lauft berets quelle est la signification

  11. Gazaoui Samir says:


    impossible de fer installation d'une imprimante-télécopie locale,qui peu me donnez la bonne reponse pour finir installation. ????

  12. Gazaoui Samir says:

    Bonjour, Cher Microsoft

    Il ce trouve je rencontre un petit sous ci avec mon paramétré personnalisation et par défaut ne fonction pas du toutes imagine pour la Windows 8 se pas mue vu je veux quitte la version Windows xp prof pour la pub il faut me paye la sa déconnez chez le réparateur attention publique avertir

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