Enable 10 Internet Explorer Download Sessions Fix it Live!

We just released another Fix it Knowledge Base (KB) article. This Fix it configures Internet Explorer to have 10 download sessions as described in KB 282402.

Based on user feedback we have updated the Fix it to run on Windows Vista.

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  1. JHinson says:

    Hi, Khumar,

    Thank you for your feedback.  We do have intend to enhance this solution support Windows Vista.

    Thank you for your interest!

    Best regards,


  2. bmahaf says:

    Hey aVinuMsV,

    Thanks for posting a great question. Our team is actually already creating fixes for the Problem Reports and Solutions feature.

    The fixes associated with Problem Reports and Solutions should start coming online within the next month or two.



  3. bmahaf says:

    Based on user feedback we have updated the Fix it to run on Windows Vista.

    Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback so our solutions can be improved for all users.


  4. JHinson says:

    Hi, Julian!

    Thank you for your feedback.  Our team developed this solution for Windows XP.  

    However, it does appear that Windows Vista will respect those settings as well.  We will look into enhancing it to support Windows Vista.

    Best regards,


  5. aVinuMsV says:

    Great Idea Guys !! btw is there any idea to intergrat this great feature into Vista’s Probelm Reports and Solutions in future ?

  6. julian says:

    does it work on 64-bit Vista?  I tried running it, but it said "failed to process".  I think i’ll switch to firefox

  7. Khumar says:

    Not worked in Vista32Bit SP1.

    Please update it to function properly for DSL Broadband considering Next Generation TCP/IP Stack and Auto tuning.

    Thanks for a service which means a service rather.

  8. luis says:

    noce como areclar mi conputadora

  9. hector says:

    thanks for this solution provider all the users

  10. C Ratto says:

    Simple, and Efficient.  Once again, thanks Microsoft Dev Team.  Keep these types of handy, and "User Friendly" instances going.  You just may succeed in winning the minds of the un-formals back and leaning towards using MS as a friendly software.  This might also be a possible realm of use for the tek, dev, and it guru’s.  


  11. Syed Haqqani says:

    This is awesome! saves a lot of time specially for some complex solutions and makes for the non-it folks dummy proof!

  12. Bob Hyatt says:

    Great. Just go a little further and make it selectable from 2 to 10. This saves going inte the Registry.

    unfortuntely not everybody on our side of the world is on Bradband but like to use IE 8

  13. Biba says:

    I have windows XP,SatelliteA105,S361.

    I want to uninstall Explorer version 7,because I have a lot of problems.

    Then,I want to install diferent vesion of Internet Explorer.

    please,tell me wich ona is the best for my PC.


  14. Emmett4 says:

    I have tried to download an update for my printer from HP and it keeps downloading about half of it and the it times out.I never had that problem with IE6, I am trying to use IE8 and I am running Windows XP Pro

  15. chandra says:

    ive downloaded this twice. and it still will not work. i cant understand why.

  16. Jenny says:

    I installed it and now can only have one download at a time. I tried to upgrade to IE8 (I have Vista 32) and can’t even upgrade. I get an error that it’s not supported by my system. I’ll have to do a system restore I guess.

  17. Bernice says:

    every time i try to download i keep getting errors

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