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We just released another Fix it Knowledge Base (KB) article. This Fix it disables selective suspend. Disabling selective suspend allows Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 to detect a new USB device as described in KB 314634. This Fix it also automates method 3 of KB 895962 and KB 902274 along with the workaround section of KB 817900.

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  1. slight says:

    Greetings Margaret,

    Thank you for taking the time to send a comment.

    If the Fix it ran but didn’t resolve your issue please ensure you having the same issue that is described in Knowledge Base article 902274 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/902274)? The Fix it is only designed to resolve the issue described in this article so if you are having a different issue the Fix it won’t resolve it.

    Your symptom description does not appear to be the issue addressed by this Fix it.

    Please feel free to use the "Get Help Now" link in the top right corner of every Microsoft KB article. From this link you may choose the support option that works best for you.



  2. bmahaf says:

    Hello Gis Bun,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I guess I should have asked if you were having an issue. 🙂

    I hope you have a great day.


  3. bmahaf says:

    Hello Gis Bun,

    Thanks for posting back a response. You can also check in Device Manager to make sure that none of the USB devices are disabled. If you right mouse click each item listed under "Universal Serial Bug controllers" you can check to see if any of them provide an "Enable" option.

    Another option if that doesn’t work would be to check out KB 310575 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310575/).

    If you need immediate assistance you can use the "Get Help Now" option at the top right of any of our KB articles to contact Microsoft support.



  4. Gis Bun says:

    Did I miss something? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314634 states to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServicesUSB  . There is no "USB" in services.

  5. bmahaf says:

    Hello Gis Bun,

    If you open a command prompt (select the Start menu, select Run, type cmd, click Ok) and type "reg query hklmsystemcurrentcontrolsetservicesusb" (without the quotes) does it return "Error:  The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value"?

    If you do get the error message above you can check in device manager (right mouse click My Computer, select Manage, select Device Manager) to see if there is a "Universal Serial Bus controllers" listed. Check for any exclamation marks in a yellow circle. You can also check to see any of the devices listed under "Universal Serial Bus controllers" are set to disabled.

    If "Universal Serial Bus controllers" is not listed in Device Manager then the USB controller might be disabled in the BIOS. Usually when you boot up your computer during the first few screens there is an option to select F1, F2 or delete to enter the BIOS. Each BIOS is a little different so I am unable to give exact navigation steps to determine if the USB controller is disabled in the BIOS but if you check each of the menus you should see a setting for USB.



  6. Gis Bun says:

    Checked. I did get the reg query error but the device manager lists "Universal Serial Bus controllers" – none with exclamation marks. My current system [a P4] has an Intel 8280 USB 2.0 Enhanced controller.

  7. Gis Bun says:


    Everything is enabled for me 9no yellow or red flags).

    This isn’t critical for me. My original comment was that the USB key didn’t exist in this system. I never stated that I had a problem….

  8. margaret fagan says:

    I have an ID for sky  but I cannot send or receive e-mails what must i do now?

  9. Larry Murphy says:

    appears to work and easy. thank you

  10. USBrandon says:

    myUSB drive on me computer arent working i did all of the steps except fr the advanced ones on http://support.microsoft.com/kb/817900

    and yet my usb drive doesn’t work. what else can i do??

    whenever i put a usb cord in my computer i see the USB device not recognized message.

  11. foggbloke says:


    I have also tried all the steps and my USB ports are still listed in Device Manager but when you plug in anything nothing is recognised.

    any ideas what to try next?

  12. Dennis says:

    I am having exactly the same problem, namely nothing is recognized when plugged into the USB ports.  I get the error message noted above when looking into the registry but when I go to the device drives, there are no errors or problems noted, no yellow flags, etc.  The diagnostics at start up show the devices are working properly.  Windows XP by the way, any further suggestions?

  13. jim oberle says:

    fix it did not fix it. great idea though thats the way it should be. as you were

  14. B. Adeyemi says:

    2 of the ports still not working.  

    Ports have not been working since I noticed this error message on starting the computer, it says

    error 0701, over current on HC / PORT  BUS:OOH DEV:1DH FUN : 00H / Port 00H and

    error 0701: over current on HC / PORT BUS:00H DEV: 1DH FUN : 00H / PORT 01H

    Press F1 to continue or F2 for setup

  15. Cindy says:

    Same thing here.  Tried the auto fix and it didn’t fix it.  My computer recognizes and launches Firewire H/W and USB for other devices.  But this older device somehow got "flipped" to the caching before unplug state for faster running instead of safe off docking.  I want to reintroduce it to my pc.  Trying everything, nothing works.

  16. sandra norton says:

    Ijust want to fix this problem fast so I can down load my pics

  17. sandra norton says:

    My usb ports do not work and i am trying to fix them

  18. Robert O'Malley says:

    Unable to poll for new messages on your HTTP server.  Account: ‘Hotmail’, Server: ‘http://services.msn.com/svcs/hotmail/httpmail.asp‘, Protocol: HTTPMail, Server Response: ‘Service Unavailable’, Port: 0, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 804, Socket Error: 122, Error Number: 0x800CCCF0

  19. Josef Nadasdy says:

    XP will start only with 3-4 turn on & of

  20. J9910 says:

    USB ports on Toshiba Satellite running XP service pack 3 intermittently recognize a Seagate external drive (Free Agent Desktop) with its own power source. Once in a while, the drive is seen and usable. It seemed to work ok at first, I cannot recall the change. It may be related to "suspend and restore," but even after a cold boot, the USB drive does not always appear.

  21. joseph says:


    I am trying to install a USB mass storage drive.  I plugged it in to all the USB ports on my XP Pro box.  The light on my external hard drive came on every time, but it is not detected by windows (The usb icon does not appear and I cannot find the drive in "My Computer").

    I looked in Device Manager to see if I could find what went wrong, but I don’t even see "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" listed at all.  I checked to see if maybe it was disabled in the BIOS and I can’t find anything that would disable the USB ports on the board.  I tried your Fix it program and that didn’t work either.

    Is there something else I need to look at?

    Thank you,


  22. Beverly says:

    I am having the same problem, none of the (4) USB ports work and none of the 3 methods corrected the problem nor did the Fix It For Me and I send a message but haven’t heard a reply. Any suggestions – I have a Toshiba Satellite A105-S2101 running Windows XP Home Edition. Thanks, Beverly

  23. megat says:

    after i run the disableselectivesuspend what do i do?

    just leave it? but stil i tried connecting my pendrive to the usb hub,still not recognised. it says malfunctioned.

    can you please help me…….thousand of thanx/

  24. Phoebe says:

    I have the same Problem I have tried the different methods to fix the USB port but nothing worked if anyone could help


  25. jozef stegne says:

    my  usb  port  does  not  recognize  a  device

  26. Daboss says:

    I am having the same problem, none of the (6) USB ports work and none of the 3 methods corrected the problem nor did the "Fix It For Me". Any suggestions –  Thanks,  

  27. (•|•) says:

    I tried and tried and then again tried some more –> searching, reading, fixing and still the damned USB would not work!

    What is interesting that the infected drive initially is READ by a host computer, afterward the whatever malware kicks in and … here we go, the USB is done!

    I once re-installed OS and everything worked fine untill I plugged in the dreaded USB hard drive.

    There must be some piece of SMART software toying with OS. I can not see other problem. The USB is still out of commission.

    Help! ^_^

  28. Harold Shenk says:

    Fix it Live did nothing for me either. My USB thumb memory works fine on other computers. So does my USB slide scanner. But when this one went out, it went out on all 6 USB ports.

  29. meme says:

    what about window 7? The regedit contains  6 or more different kind of ubs…

    Where should I put di DisableSelectiveSuspend DWOrd?


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