Microsoft Fix it Center Pro Now Available!

Microsoft is dedicated to delivering the best possible customer experience when it comes to troubleshooting issues.  Inside Microsoft’s Customer Service and Support organization, we have developed a system that can automatically identify the root cause of complex issues by detecting problem signatures.  Using techniques such as pattern recognition, call stack analytics and problem signature detection, we are able to automatically match known issues to available solutions. 

For more than a year, we have been focused on developing these diagnostic systems to rapidly identify the solutions for complex issues without requiring the need to manual analysis.  This has resulted in a tremendous reduction in the effort required to identify specific issues and surface precise solutions.  Issues that used to take hours or days to troubleshoot now only take minutes.

Given the impact that our automated diagnostics have had within Microsoft, we are now venturing out to make them available online.  One of our first endeavors in this space is with a new service called “Fix it Center Pro”, which is now being made available as a beta in 18 languages to help solve issues for Microsoft customers globally.

Fix it Center Pro Beta initially exposes our automated analysis of 14 different areas ranging from Windows Server Performance analysis to Exchange Server Diagnostics which literally check for many thousands of problem signatures. 

For more information about this new diagnostic service see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

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