Ask a question: Windows and Windows Server Backup Forums

We just started a new Forum, directed to Windows Backup and Windows Server Backup questions. Windows Backup forums provide you an opportunity to join a community of Windows customers where you can share knowledge on Windows Backup, get questions answered, and learn from others with backup needs similar to yours. Post Windows Backup related questions… Read more

Backup and Restore Center featured on Mojave experiment

Recently, Microsoft launched a Marketing experiment, taking 140 users who were afraid of Vista and showing them a new and unreleased Operating System, codename “Mojave”. The users were first asked to give a score from 1 to 10 for Vista, and the average score was 4.4. After seeing Mojave demo, customers rated Mojave an average… Read more

Windows Vista Complete PC Backup and Restore Screencast

Keith Combs just released a screencast about one of our team’s technologies:   Windows Vista Complete PC Backup and Restore Screencast   Windows Vista Complete PC backup is an utility that allows you to create a snapshot of your entire system and save it to a USB drive, DVD or external disk. In case your… Read more

Updates on Vista Backup and Restore Errors and Solutions table

A customer sent us a contribution to the Vista Backup and Restore Errors and Solutions table. Christine Fok added his innovative solution to the list:  Error or Symptom Cause/Solution System Restore fails with the following error:   The Restore point could not be created for the following reason:   Windows cannot create a shadow copy… Read more

Complete PC Backup (Vista and Vista SP1) / Windows Server Backup (Longhorn Server) and BitLocker FAQ

Are the Backups secured? Yes. The Complete PC Backup (CPC) or Windows Server Backup (WSB) can be only invoked by a user belonging to either Administrators or Backup operators Group. §  Disk: Backups are ACLed to be accessible only for only Administrators and Backup Operators Group. §  Network: By default the Backups inherit the ACLs… Read more

Common causes and solutions to Backup, System Restore, and Complete PC Backup problems – updated!

This is an update to the solutions table posted previously on this blog.   Vista Backup team has been working with customers to troubleshoot common problems, but sometimes it’s a hard job – some error codes belong to other system components and are reflected in Backup tool functionality. Even so, the team brings you a… Read more

What’s new with backup and Restore on Vista SP1

Vista SP1 Backup & Restore contains many updates that improve reliability. Great effort has been put into improving the overall quality of File Backup, Complete PC Backup and System Restore. Many of those important changes may not be visible to users, but if you run Backup and Restore tools, you can see some functionality improvements… Read more

Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) writer updates in Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1

For Server 2008 the VSS team invested a great deal in hardware shadow copy scenarios which you can read about here . Additionally significant work went into enhancing the APIs for writers and widening their adoption by other applications and components. Consequently Server 2008 has several new VSS writers for Windows components which aids in… Read more

Check out "A Guide to Windows Vista Backup Technologies"

One of our program managers, Christine Fok, wrote a great TechNet Magazine article on our backup technologies in Windows Vista. If you’ve wondered how to schedule a Complete PC Backup or restore individual files from the .vhd made by Complete PC Backup, you’ll want to check out this article. A Guide to Windows Vista Backup… Read more

How Windows Vista Backup uses zip files to store backups (and how to extract files from zips)

Customers frequently ask us how to manually extract files from zip files created by Backup. Though using the Restore Files wizard is the preferred method, there are times when you must extract files manually, such as when you are using a computer that’s not running Windows Vista. I thought this would be a good opportunity… Read more