To RDMA, or not to RDMA – that is the question

Hello, Claus here again. By now, you have probably seen some of my blogs and demos on Storage Spaces Direct performance. One of Storage Spaces Direct’s advantages is RDMA networking support that lowers latency and reduces CPU consumption. I often get the question “Is RDMA required for Storage Spaces Direct”. The answer to this question… Read more

Storage Spaces Direct throughput with iWARP

Hello, Claus here again. It has been a while since I last posted here and a few things have changed since last time. Windows Server has been moved into the Windows and Devices Group, we have moved to a new building with a better café, but a worse view 😊. On a personal note, I… Read more

Deep Dive: The Storage Pool in Storage Spaces Direct

Hi! I’m Cosmos. Follow me on Twitter @cosmosdarwin. Review The storage pool is the collection of physical drives which form the basis of your software-defined storage. Those familiar with Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2012 or 2012R2 will remember that pools took some managing – you had to create and configure them, and then manage… Read more

TLS for Windows Standards-Based Storage Management (SMI-S) and System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)

In a previous blog post, I discussed setting up the Windows Standards-Based Storage Management Service (referred to below as Storage Service) on Windows Server 2012 R2. For Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager, configuration is much simpler since installation of the service includes setting up the necessary self-signed certificate. We also… Read more

Volume resiliency and efficiency in Storage Spaces Direct

Hello, Claus here again. One of the most important aspects when creating a volume is to choose the resiliency settings. The purpose of resiliency is to provide resiliency in case of failures, such as failed drive or a server failure. It also enables data availability when performing maintenance, such as server hardware replacement or operating… Read more

Storage IOPS update with Storage Spaces Direct

Hello, Claus here again. I played one of my best rounds of golf in a while at the beautiful TPC Snoqualmie Ridge yesterday. While golf is about how low can you go, I want to give an update on how high can you go with Storage Spaces Direct. Once again, Dan and I used a… Read more

Storage throughput with Storage Spaces Direct (TP5)

Hello, Claus here again. Dan and I recently received some Samsung PM1725 NVMe devices. These have 8 PCIe lanes, so we thought we would put them in a system with 100Gbps network adapters and see how fast we could make this thing go. We used a 4-node Dell R730XD configuration attached to a 32 port… Read more

Quick Survey: Your plans for WS 2016 block replication and Azure

Heya folks, Ned here again with a quick (only 4 questions) survey on how you plan to use block replication, Storage Replica, and Azure in the coming months after RTM of Windows Server 2016. Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks!… Read more

Microsoft and Intel showcase Storage Spaces Direct with NVM Express at IDF ’15

Note: this post originally appeared on by Claus Joergensen. This week I am at Intel Developer Forum 2015 in San Francisco, where we are showing a performance demo of Storage Spaces Direct Technical Preview with Intel NVM Express disk devices. Storage Spaces Direct enables you to use industry standard servers with local storage and… Read more

New Support for Windows Server Data Deduplication in Limited Local Hyper-V Configurations

A popular request from our customer base for Windows Server Data Deduplication has been to support the Hyper-V scenarios (i.e., VDI and virtualized backup) on storage local to the Hyper-V server. This “hyper-converged” configuration uses a single server or cluster for hosting the VDI or virtualized backup guest workloads and dedup is enabled on local… Read more