Stop using SMB1

Hi folks, Ned here again and today’s topic is short and sweet: Stop using SMB1. Stop using SMB1. STOP USING SMB1! In September of 2016,  MS16-114, a security update that prevents denial of service and remote code execution. If you need this security patch, you already have a much bigger problem: you are still running… Read more

A developer’s view on VSS for SMB File Shares

Note: this post originally appeared on by Claus Joergensen. VSS for SMB File Shares is an extension to the existing VSS infrastructure which consists of four parts: In this post I want to look at VSS for SMB File Shares from a developers point of view and how to support it with minimal changes… Read more

VSS for SMB File Shares

Note: this post originally appeared on by Claus Joergensen. In the next generation of Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V introduces support for storing virtual machine files on SMB 3.0 file shares. This blog post contains more detail on the SMB 3.0 enhancements to support this scenario. Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is a… Read more

SMB Transparent Failover – making file shares continuously available

Note: this post originally appeared on by Claus Joergensen. SMB Transparent Failover is one of the key features in the feature set introduced in Server Message Block (SMB) 3.0. SMB 3.0 is new in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. I am the program manager for SMB Transparent Failover and in this blog post… Read more

Offline Files and Continuous Availability: the monstrous union you should not consecrate

Hi all, Ned here again with a quick chat about mixing Continuous Availability and Offline Files. As you know, we have several public docs recommending against combining CA and Client Side Caching (aka CSC aka Offline Files) because when users attempt to go offline, it will take up to six minutes. This usually leads to… Read more

The Demise of SMB1 (or: die die die why won’t you die, ancient protocol?!?!)

Heya folks, Ned here again. Our enterprising tech evangelists Matt McSpirit and Rick Claus joined us back in July for a conversation about the end of Windows Server 2003 and what that means for SMB1. I’d hoped for an Irish wake, but unfortunately we stayed lucid. Probably for the best. Here are 30 minutes of… Read more

Going to TechEd Australia?

If so, I’ll see you there for my two sessions. DFSR has been hitting the gym SMB 3 is the answer There are still a few days left to register if you live upside down. Based on the available evidence, all the attendees should look something like this: Come by and say hi! – Ned… Read more

Windows Server 2012 Beta with SMB 3.0 – Demo at Interop shows SMB Direct at 5.8 Gbytes/sec over Mellanox ConnectX-3 network adapters

The Interop conference is happening this week in Las Vegas (see and Mellanox is showcasing their high-speed ConnectX-3 network adapters during the event. They are showing an interesting setup with Windows Server 2012 Beta and SMB 3.0 that shows amazing remote file performance using SMB Direct (SMB over RDMA). The short story? 5.8 Gbytes… Read more

SMB 3 Security Enhancements in Windows Server 2012

Everything here also applies to Windows 8. These features were first available in the Windows Server “8” Beta & Windows 8 Consumer Preview releases. See this document for protocol level details of these features. 1       Encryption SMB 3 in Windows Server 2012 adds the capability to make data transfers secure by encrypting data in-flight, to… Read more