Streamlined Migration of FRS to DFSR SYSVOL

Hi folks, Ned here again. When telling people about the coming removal of FRS from Windows Server, the main response is usually: “Sure, I have occasional problems with FRS and know that I should upgrade to DFSR, but who has the time for a huge migration? That guide is very intimidating!” Update June 20, 2017:… Read more

The End is Nigh (for FRS) – updated for WS2016

Hi folks, Ned here again. At TechEd, I officially announced the end of the File Replication Service. For those that missed the event, I repeat: We are removing FRS from Windows Server Update June 20, 2017: It is done; Windows Server 2016 RS1 is the last version that will allow FRS – RS3 no longer… Read more

Ultrasound version 1.0.4080.0 is now available

A new version of the Ultrasound monitoring tool is now available for download. This version adds support for monitoring FRS on Windows Server 2008 and enables the use of SQL Server 2005 for hosting the Ultrasound database. No other new features have been added in this version. Ultrasound is a tool for monitoring the File… Read more

Backup/Restore of FRS replicated SYSVOL folders

We recently updated the Backup/Restore documentation for FRS replicated SYSVOL folders on MSDN. This article contains guidelines for Backup applications and explains how to use the FRS service’s VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) Writer to backup and restore the contents of FRS replicated folders (including the SYSVOL folder on domain controllers using FRS for SYSVOL replication). It also… Read more

The mysterious case of the non-replicating files

Our DFSR guru Rob Post recently helped a newsgroup customer troubleshoot why certain .jpg files would not replicate. The customer described the problem as: The file does not get replicated when it is copied into a DFS replicated directory. No errors are found in DFSR log files. Changing the contents of the file in hex… Read more