More blogger introductions

I’ve asked folks who will be blogging here to send me their bios to introduce themselves, and the bios are slowly trickling in. Here are a few: Dan Lovinger joined Microsoft in 1995 and is currently the technical lead for the DFS team. Since joining Microsoft he’s worked on the Windows kernel cache manager, the… Read more

The primary member in DFS Replication

[Updating with minor edits for clarify] Customers frequently ask about the “primary member” designation in DFS Replication. Although this sounds like it could be a single master setting (meaning that content only originates and changes on this member), the primary member is used only during  initial replication. Think of the primary member as your “look… Read more

File Services Chats for December

File services chats anyone? We’ve got two chats this week and one next week. See this link for details: I’m also in the process of planning chats and webcasts for the next six months. Have an idea for one? Let me know! File Server Resource Manager (December 6, 2005 at 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time)Please… Read more

Another DFS Blogger

One of my fellow MS bloggers, Michael Kleef, often posts about DFS Replication. He’s been very involved in the R2 Beta and should have lots of good experiences to share. Here are a few of his recent posts on DFS Replication.… Read more

Welcome to our blog!

Hello and welcome to the Windows Core File Services team blog. I’m Jill Zoeller, the Community PM for our group. Part of my job is to help our product team get more involved with customers, and this blog aimed at IT Pros (along with our developer blog) is one of our first community efforts. When… Read more