Stop using SMB1

Hi folks, Ned here again and today’s topic is short and sweet: Stop using SMB1. Stop using SMB1. STOP USING SMB1! In September of 2016,  MS16-114, a security update that prevents denial of service and remote code execution. If you need this security patch, you already have a much bigger problem: you are still running… Read more

Deep Dive: The Storage Pool in Storage Spaces Direct

Hi! I’m Cosmos. Follow me on Twitter @cosmosdarwin. Review The storage pool is the collection of physical drives which form the basis of your software-defined storage. Those familiar with Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2012 or 2012R2 will remember that pools took some managing – you had to create and configure them, and then manage… Read more

SMB1 Product Clearinghouse

Hi folks, Ned here again. This blog post contains all products requiring SMB1, where the vendor explicitly states this in their own documentation or communications, or where a customer has reported it and shown some degree of proof without vendor refutation. This list is not complete and you should never treat it as complete; check… Read more

DFS Replication Improvements in Windows Server 2012

Hi folks, Ned Pyle here. As promised when I left AskDS and MS Support for greener pastures, I’m still in the blogging game – I told you I’d be back! Let’s start things off talking about improvements in Windows Server 2012 and DFS Replication (DFSR). Windows Server 2012 DFSR focuses on reliability and supportability changes… Read more

Don’t do it: consumer-grade solid-state drives (SSD) in Storage Spaces Direct

// This post was written by Dan Lovinger, Principal Software Engineer. Howdy, In the weeks since the release of Windows Server 2016, the amount of interest we’ve seen in Storage Spaces Direct has been nothing short of spectacular. This interest has translated to many potential customers looking to evaluate Storage Spaces Direct. Windows Server has… Read more

Squeezing hyper-convergence into the overhead bin, for barely $1,000/server: the story of Project Kepler-47

The Challenge In the Windows Server team, we tend to focus on going big. Our enterprise customers and service providers are increasingly relying on Windows as the foundation of their software-defined datacenters, and needless to say, our hyperscale public cloud Azure does too. Recent big announcements like support for 24 TB of memory per server… Read more

Streamlined Migration of FRS to DFSR SYSVOL

Hi folks, Ned here again. When telling people about the coming removal of FRS from Windows Server, the main response is usually: “Sure, I have occasional problems with FRS and know that I should upgrade to DFSR, but who has the time for a huge migration? That guide is very intimidating!” Update June 20, 2017:… Read more

Windows Server 2016 Data Deduplication users: please install KB4013429!

Please note: all updates to Windows Server 2016 are cumulative, so any current or future KB will the fixes described in this blog post. Microsoft always recommends taking the latest KB. Hi folks! Based on several customer bug reports, we have issued a critical fix for Data Deduplication in Windows Server 2016 in the most… Read more

Protect your files and PC with Windows 7 Backup

Anyone who uses a Windows 7 PC shouldn’t have to worry about losing their files, because Windows 7 provides simple yet flexible backup and recovery solutions that helps protect your system and data. In the coming weeks, we’ll walk you through each step of the process – from configuring backup, restoring your OS, to recovering… Read more