Deep Dive: The Storage Pool in Storage Spaces Direct

Hi! I’m Cosmos. Follow me on Twitter @cosmosdarwin. Review The storage pool is the collection of physical drives which form the basis of your software-defined storage. Those familiar with Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2012 or 2012R2 will remember that pools took some managing – you had to create and configure them, and then manage… Read more

Don’t do it: consumer-grade solid-state drives (SSD) in Storage Spaces Direct

// This post was written by Dan Lovinger, Principal Software Engineer. Howdy, In the weeks since the release of Windows Server 2016, the amount of interest we’ve seen in Storage Spaces Direct has been nothing short of spectacular. This interest has translated to many potential customers looking to evaluate Storage Spaces Direct. Windows Server has… Read more

Work Folders for Android can now upload files!

Hi all, I’m Jeff Patterson, Program Manager for Work Folders. We’re excited to announce that we’ve released an updated version of Work Folders for Android to the Google Play Store which enables users to sync files that were created or edited on their Android device. Overview Work Folders is a Windows Server feature since 2012 R2… Read more