The Storage Replica Video Series: Alter and Remove Server-to-Server Replication in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2

Hi folks, Ned here again. I’m nearing the end of my new video series on Storage Replica in Windows Server 2016 TP2. Check the last few poststo see what I’ve already covered. Today I alter replication direction – i.e. a planned failover – of a server-to-server replication partnership using Windows PowerShell. Oh, and I show you how to remove replication. Not that you will ever do this.

Never. Never ever.

Altering replication in TP2 requires a little forethought. One, you have to do it on a particular server in TP2, because our remoting of server-to-server SR wasn’t done when we shipped this release. Two, block replication means a single writeable source and an unmounted destination – so if someone is doing something important on the source volume and you change replication direction without warning them, their writes will fail. They may come after you with pitchforks and torches. Don’t be The Monster, be Dr. Frankenstein.

Wait, I think they came after him with torches too. Uuuhhh, don’t be Mr. Hyde, be Dr. Jekyll! Yeah, that’s better. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Storage Replica.

To the video graveyard, Igor!

Perhaps it’s a deviated septum? Or tuberculosis?

Simple as that. A single command to change replication, three commands to tear down replication without a trace. We’ve been thinking about making those single commands as well; as always, let us know what you think via email or UserVoice.

Tune in Monday for the final* installment in this series: managing a Stretch Cluster using the Failover Cluster Manager GUI. It’s a howl.

*For now.

Until next time,

– Ned “O. Selznick?” Pyle