Adding Work Folders to Office locations

With the Windows 10 version 1511 release, Work Folders can be surfaced as a location where user can easily access the document under it. This new feature is announced on this page: In this blog post, I’d like to share some more details on the user experience, and how you can enable this on… Read more

Work Folders and OneDrive for Business

Ever since Work Folders was released in Windows 8.1, the most frequently asked question is how Work Folders different from OneDrive for Business. The short answer is, Work Folders is the sync client for file server, and OneDrive for Business is the sync client for SharePoint. While the comparison between file servers and SharePoint is… Read more

Disaster Recovery Planning for Work Folders

Recently, Matt Hrynkow from Microsoft helped a customer to deploy Work Folders, and we talked about how to plan for disaster recovery (DR), I thought it will be good to share the details. Overview The purpose of DR is to return a system to a state of normality after an occurrence of a disastrous event…. Read more

Data Deduplication in Windows Server Technical Preview 4

With the release of Windows Server Technical Preview 4, I’d like to send one primary message to all of our customers using or evaluating Windows Server Data Deduplication (which I assume applies to you since you are reading this posting!): Test at full scale! I’ve seen the telemetry from hundreds of dedup installations using Windows… Read more

Work Folders for iOS: November update – advanced features on mobile devices

  Earlier this year, in January and April, we released the Work Folders app for Apple® iPad and iPhone. Since its release, a lot of work has been done to integrate Work Folders with the larger ecosystem to help enhance enterprise control and protection of corporate owned data inside the Work Folders app. With the… Read more

QFE release for Windows 7 Work Folders

In our testing, we found an issue in Work Folders which breaks sync after upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The root cause is the Work Folders sync partnership was not maintained, as a result, sync will stop. To fix it, user will need to go to Control panel, and setup the Work Folders partnership again. However, since… Read more

How to limit Work Folders client bandwidth

Stefano Gagliardi asked a question on how to limit the network traffic for Work Folders. I know Work Folders client doesn't do it, but there might be other controls at the network layer. Stefano being the network expert did find a solution, and I asked him to share it, so we can all learn from… Read more

New Windows Server 2016 Storage Video Series

Hi all, Ned here again. Our colleagues from the Microsoft “Customers, Architecture, and Technologies” team have started a new Windows Server 2016 storage technology video series. These are the folks who work with a small set of customers on pre-lease software. They are scenario focused and are very knowledgeable about what we’ve been building for the past… Read more

Tell us about your file replication services needs

Are you currently using a file replication service (DFS-R or anything else) to keep files in sync across multiple locations? We’re exploring options to bring you a solution that radically streamlines the file replication process for you and we’d like the opportunity to make sure we’re building a solution that meets your needs. If you’re… Read more

Redirecting Windows Special Folders to Work Folders

Before I start If you are not familiar with or not currently using Folder Redirection, you can simply ignore this blog post. It’s not my intention to evangelize Folder Redirection with Work Folders. This blog post is only for enterprises that have specific dependencies (such as work flows) on these Windows special folders and want… Read more