Using DFS Replication Clone Feature to prepare 100TB of data in 3 days (A Test Perspective)

I’m Tsan Zheng, a Senior Test Lead on the DFS team. If you’ve used DFSR (DFS Replication), you’re probably aware that the largest amount of data that we had tested replication with until recently was 10 TB. A few years ago, that was a lot of data, but now, not so much. In this post,… Read more

Work Folders on Clusters

In the previous blog post, I provided a step by step guide to set up Work Folders in a lab environment using the Preview release of Windows Server 2012 R2. With the GA release, Work Folders leverages Windows Failover clustering to increase availability. For general details about failover clusters, see Failover Clustering. In this blog… Read more

Performance Considerations for Work Folders Deployments

Hi all, Here is another great Work Folders blog post that shares information about work folders performance in large scale deployments. The content below was compiled and written by Sundar Srinivasan who is one of the software engineers in the Work Folders product team. Overview One of the exciting new features introduced in Windows Server… Read more