IFS Plugfest registrations open

The 20th edition of IFS Plugfest is now open for registrations. IFS Plugfest is an event for file system filter driver ISVs organized by the File System Filters team at Microsoft. All file system filter driver ISVs are invited to this event, which is held on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington. Benefits for participants… Read more

SMB2, a complete redesign of the main remote file protocol for Windows

SMB (Server Message Block) is a remote file protocol commonly used by Microsoft Windows clients and servers that dates back to 1980’s. When it was first used, LANs speeds were typically 10Mbps or less, WAN use was very limited and there were no Wireless LANs. Network security concerns like preventing man-in-the-middle attacks were non-existent at… Read more

File Server performance improvements with the SMB2 protocol in Windows Server 2008

Jose Barreto covered details on SMB2 during his TechEd 2008 ITForum presentation. SMB (Server Message Block) is the main protocol used in Windows for file sharing and it has been significantly improved from SMB 1 in Windows Server 2003/Windows XP to SMB 2 in Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista. See more on the demo results here:… Read more