The Basics of Windows Server 2008 Storage Explorer

Storage Explorer is a new tool in Windows Server 2008 to help you understand how your server SAN storage is configured.

It provides information about the storage fabrics (Fibre Channel and iSCSI) and also about the configuration of each server.


For details, check my blog post at, which covers:


1 – What is Storage Explorer

    1.1 – Storage Explorer with an FC SAN

    1.2 – Storage Explorer with an iSCSI SAN

2 – Known Issues

    2.1 – iSCSI without iSNS

    2.2 – FC Switch blocking CT commands

    2.3 – HBA blocking CT commands

    2.4 – Cannot connect to servers via WMI

    2.5 – Directly-attached SCSI devices (includes SAS, Parallel SCSI, Virtual SCSI)

    2.6 – Incompatibilities between FC switches or between switches and HBAs


Jose Barreto