Amit’s Bio

I joined Microsoft in 1999 to work on testing the Disk Management feature for Windows 2000. While the team I joined evolved from being a part of the Base OS group within Windows, to a division on its own, I stayed here and honed my knowledge of storage by working on several different features. Through Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2003 R2 and Vista, I worked as an SDET and a lead on components like Disk/Volume Management drivers, services, CLI and GUI, VDS, Simple SAN, Windows Backup, System Restore, ASR, Disk Defrag, etc. My experience revolved around testing these features and ensuring that we delivered high quality products to our customers.

These days I am working on helping various teams in SSD develop test strategies for their features and utilize each other’s competencies to enhance the overall experience for our customers.