Ned Pyle’s Bio

Ned Pyle
– I’ve been in the IT industry since 1997.
– I was a Sergeant in the US Marine Corps infantry (0341 81MM Mortarman, hoorah).
– I was born in Annapolis, Maryland but moved to Illinois when I was five.
– I grew up in and around Chicago for the next twenty years.
– I moved to North Carolina in 2000, met my lovely wife, and have lived here ever since.
– I’ve travelled to Germany, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Canada, the Caribean, Mexico, and India (where I spent two months working with the then-fledging tier 2 support staff as a Tech Lead).
– My role at Microsoft is a Technical Lead within the 3rd tier escalations and critsits space for Directory Services. I assist Support Escalation Engineers with technical issues… and they assist you!

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