IFS Plugfest registrations open

The 20th edition of IFS Plugfest is now open for registrations. IFS Plugfest is an event for file system filter driver ISVs organized by the File System Filters team at Microsoft. All file system filter driver ISVs are invited to this event, which is held on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington. Benefits for participants… Read more

SMB2, a complete redesign of the main remote file protocol for Windows

SMB (Server Message Block) is a remote file protocol commonly used by Microsoft Windows clients and servers that dates back to 1980’s. When it was first used, LANs speeds were typically 10Mbps or less, WAN use was very limited and there were no Wireless LANs. Network security concerns like preventing man-in-the-middle attacks were non-existent at… Read more

File Server performance improvements with the SMB2 protocol in Windows Server 2008

Jose Barreto covered details on SMB2 during his TechEd 2008 ITForum presentation. SMB (Server Message Block) is the main protocol used in Windows for file sharing and it has been significantly improved from SMB 1 in Windows Server 2003/Windows XP to SMB 2 in Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista. See more on the demo results here:… Read more

System state restore recommendations

This post is intended to clarify Microsoft’s support position on system state backups and restores and comes in response to a recent question from a partner. We recommend the following best practices for implementing system state restores: · The restore should be performed offline – that is, when the computer is booted into the Windows… Read more

What is new in DPM 2007 Service Pack 1 – check out this EDGE video

At IT Forum last week, the general public got a chance to see DPM 2007 Service Pack 1. It isn’t quite released yet, but still tracking really well for December.  So, to give everyone else a taste of what is in SP1 — check out this video on EDGE.TECHNET.COM.   And look for a weekly podcast… Read more

Storage tip: Getting more info into your storage reports

Did you ever wonder which files were taking up most of your space? How about which files no one has touched in the last year? Which user is taking up all the disk space on your file server? The File Server Resource Manager (affectionately referred to as FSRM) component in Windows Server 2k3 R2 and… Read more

Storage at SNW Fall 08

The Microsoft Storage Solutions Division is participated at SNW this Fall at the Gaylord Texan in Dallas, Texas.  The goals at the event were to strengthen industry awareness and enterprise credibility of Microsoft storage technologies and showcase our partners end to end solutions in the Microsoft Partner Pavilion. We highlighted partner solutions specific to virtualization,… Read more

Microsoft File Server Migration Toolkit 1.1 Released!

We are glad to announce the release of Microsoft File Server Migration Toolkit 1.1 ! With this version you will be able to migrate and consolidate shared folders from servers running Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows 2000 family of servers, Windows 2003 family of servers, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Storage Server 2008 to a… Read more

Storage Tip: How to check if the initial replication was completed successfully

There are a couple of ways to check the progress of initial replication. You can either use the Event Viewer snap-in or WMI to check whether your replicated folders have finished initial replication. Event Viewer: A separate event (4104) is thrown for each replicated folder on each downstream partner. For example, if there are three… Read more

What does DFSDiag do?

So you have heard about a tool DFSDiag which is meant to be used to help you diagnose your DFS Namespace. You just type DFSDiag.exe and… voilà you got the list of the commands you can use. Oh yes you also have the “DFSDIAG_ERROR” message, but that’s because DFSDiag expect one of the commands that… Read more