Internal Error when connecting Log Analytics (Operational Insights) during enrolment phase

Part of the very interesting services in Azure we have Log Analytics (used to be called Operational Insights).

In a matter of minutes (1 click) you create an A to Z infrastructure in Azure that will gather important data from all your servers (sent by an agent), store this data even if it is a big amount, and give you a very detailed analysis report via “Intelligence Packs” regarding the health in general. The solution has Packs for AD, SQL.. but also will track change management, event logs, event network traffic.

In a matter of minutes, you know the health of your internal IT, especially the gap between experts recommendations and your current configuration. This solution gives you in real time vision, gives you a clear vision of the impact for each missing recommendation, and also tells you how to fix thise problems. Once you know where the problems are, you can build an action plan, and have a better security and performance for your users, customers and businesses.

The FREE version of Log Analytics  will just keep your data 7 days and will limit to 250Mb the amount of data sent per day, but it is far sufficient to have a quick analyzis and realize how “close” or “far” you are from these recommendations. Focus on key components such as domain controllers, file servers, SQL databases.. etc.

Swith from FREE to STANDARD in one click, no more “per day limitation”, one month of log for a few euros every months. Swith to PREMIUM, you will keep your data 1 year.

Here is the portal you get after a few minutes. Each “square” is an intelligent pack (there are many others, but screen is too small to display them all 😉



Now the goal of this post …


In the portal, you can add multiple users to the workspace, so can “delegate” the view to internal or external users, such as a partner.

Part of this enrolment process, Log Analytics will send a “validation” email to the user you want to grant access. This user will click the link in the email to validate and get access to the portal.

I have noticed for now a few days, that sometimes, when you click this link to get this bad error : internal Error.


After quick investigation, it seem that “Safelink” used by Outlook to identify risky URL is causing this problem.

As a very easy work around, when you are on this error page just go to this URL :

It will finish the enrolment process, and job will be done.


I suspect that the problem will soon disappear, so here is a quick workaround.


Log Analytics is a must to see, test it now !!

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