Yammer and Windows Phone 8

I like yammer ! This application is very interesting and help me to save a lot of time. For each of my projects, I open a yammer GROUP, add my colleagues, and then we can collaborate in real time.

Recently Microsoft launched Windows phone 8 and of course, Yammer App is available. For me it is a Nokia 820.


Microsoft is FEDERATED with Yammer. This means that if I want to connect the web site, I am first redirected to Microsoft authentication web page where I provide my identity. Once (ADFS) authenticated, I go back to yammer and the web site authenticate me based on the ADFS token I received.

For Phone application, the Auth is a bit different.

The app ask you for your login (email) and password, but in this scenario the “password” is not the corporate one.. this is a “random” password generated by yammer when you subscribed to this application. To get this password, go on yammer web site, applications, and click the “learn more” button on the Windows Phone app. This explain how the app work, but at the bottom of this page you have a SSO instructions section, where you will see your password.

I recommend of course to make this password a bit more visible yammer guys, but once you know how to do it, .. yammer is back on the screen on your Windows Phone 8 !

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