How DA makes you more productive and makes the IT infrastructure less expensive? Need your input !

In the last past weeks, I had several meetings with customers about remote access in general, and had the opportunity to present Direct Access. Not too much on the protocol angle but more on the vision of DA.

There are always 2 questions that are asked by the customers

* what about productivity ? especially because DA is in the Operating System and starts automatically (versus manual connection with VPN), they want to understand more the “positive” impact for the users, especially non IT ones.

* What about TCO ? this comes in the discussion when they see that implementing DA usually takes more professional services since it is an architecture not a product (work on the client side, on the gateway side (UAG), on the infrastructure side (NAP)… beyond the cost of the licenses, the cost of implementation, then on a day to day activity, is it easy, complex.. what are the tasks to execute.. is it at the end easier or more complex to administrate the “DA” infrastructure ?

Here comes the idea of this POST. Since I don’t have studies like this and that it may take “time” to gather information I ask the community to help…, just add your own comment to this blog, on these 2 approach : “Productivity for the users” and “Total Cost of Ownership”.

In order to gather all the information, .. if you could follow sort of “template”… and I will be the first to answer this POST to make it clear.

Thanks a lot for your input !.. and yes I use DA for now 2 years, and love it every day !

Comments (2)

  1. FESNOUF says:

    Company : Software company, Lot of employees 😉

    Nb of DA users : more than 50%

    Country : Worldwide, but I am based in France

    Productivity : I am always connected, no matter where I am and what technology (wifi/3G) I use. always get access to my documents, don't need to connect… and also since I am always connected, security is not a "negative" thing : on the fly I am updated and never "stuck" with hundreds of Mb of file to install on a specific day. Never stuck in Hotels/webCafe/Hotspot even if they filter classic VPN protocol.. DA always tweak the system and succeed !

    TCO : Since all the technologies used in Direct Access are also used for other scenarios (windows 7 Enterprise is the client for DA, UAG is also used for other scenarios such as OWA/Partners/… DA don't introduce extra costs. Monitoring is done via our standard system, and NAP (Network Access Protection) is also used on the private network.

  2. Alexandre DODIER says:

    Company : Groupe PiLeJe

    Country : France

    Nb of DA users : 47 users

    Productivity : All of the 47 users are always connected. When i discuss with users, they say that DA optimize theirs connexions. For me DA optimizes security of my laptop because they recover in due time the updates that I decide.

    TCO : Salespeople talk about a time saving of 20 to 30 percent of their time

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