Getting closer.. soon I will be officially part of the worldwide “BSOD” Organization

This week, we had a lot of “clouds” in Paris (France). The Microsoft Tech Days event proposed during 3 days more than 300 presentations to more than 15.000 customers. Of course IDentity and Access  (IDA) was part of it.

I had the pleasure to run 3 sessions :

FIM : I have decided to show the AD/exchange/… administrators how FIM can be used ad a front-end to administrate the system.

Second one was dedicated to remote access in general, where we explained all the scenarios covering Direct Access, UAG, and windows phone.

Third one, was dedicated to a deep dive session about publishing Sharepoint 2010 with UAG. We showed in details how deep goes UAG in security, using Sharepoint as a great example, but the way we presented thing helped to customer to imagine how “their own application” would be protected by Microsoft (UAG, RMS, FIM)

… so far so good .. but here comes the funny part.

15 mn before the presentation, in the speaker room (so surrounded by other IT experts reviewing their own presentations)… we suddenly heard a noise, something like “OOOooooo…. AAAAAHH CCCONgratulations !!!!"

Guess what, my wonderful new machine (W510)  generated a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD).



Because I was the target of a group of “geek”, surrounded by Windows Phones 7 taking picture of me.. I decided.. to have fun.. and would like to thank my colleague Cyril.. for this nice picture.

Don’t be afraid, this was my lucky day. My wonderful “SAVE ALL running VMs”  Script saved all my running VMs (so saved my demo) a few mn before the crash. I think you can imagine how it is to run then a session, 90% based on demo.. with this BSOD “potential threat” Clignement d'œil

Seem that this BSOD is due to a driver, … Windows 2008 on a Lenovo 510 seem to be a challenge.. working on it !

Comments (2)

  1. Oleg Ananiev says:

    Nice picture! At least the phone worked 🙂

    Great to hear you landed the demo – this is the power of the cloud, you are no longer tied to a specific infrastructure

  2. serj says:

    так как все таки избавится от синего экрана смерти

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