La protection numérique des documents : un sujet “plus” que d’actualité

Il est toujours très intéressant de voir comment une “technologie” (et non un produit) peut au fil du temps devenir moins prioritaire, puis tout à coup… en raison de l’actualité, devenir de nouveau le sujet chaud du moment. Plus précisément, « on avait oublié » à quel point c’est fondamental, et les éléments extérieurs remettent…


Shalom ‘Haver Eli

For all the good moments we had together. Steve Ballmer support Microsoft emplyees bone marrow registration drive video :


Problems with search on Win7 ? I love this gadget !

Sometimes, you search an email.. and you don’t find it. Outlook sais it is indexing.. but you don’t know where you are in this process. You can download this gadget : It gives you the status, you can force indexing, even put indexing at a higher level in terms of priority. Very nice tool !!


Getting closer.. soon I will be officially part of the worldwide “BSOD” Organization

This week, we had a lot of “clouds” in Paris (France). The Microsoft Tech Days event proposed during 3 days more than 300 presentations to more than 15.000 customers. Of course IDentity and Access  (IDA) was part of it. I had the pleasure to run 3 sessions : FIM : I have decided to show…


A community spirit

A few weeks ago, I co-worked on a case with a friend of mine Hicham. He is working for a Microsoft Partner in France, and worked a lot on UAG. He wrote a blog in order to help the community  about SSO in UAG :     This week he came to a FIM…


“The” book for UAG

If you are looking for a book on UAG, this is definitely the one. I personally know the authors, and they are more than “expert” on this subject. Check this link : Congratulation for this hard work !!!!