Got stuck by “the cloud (snow)”… why I will work today !!!

France has been stuck yesterday because of the snow. It started to snow a lot around 2 PM and paralyzed part  of the country the rest of the day.

Paris area was totally stuck. As a good example, I left “la defense” (North West of Paris) at 4 o’clock and arrived at midnight at home close to Disneyland (East Paris). Usually it is 40 mn, and max 1H30 in pick hours… it took me 7,5 hours.

Nice picture from a webcam, taken this morning, .. as you can see “trucks are still blocking” one of the main road around Paris, we are all sucked.


So here is the challenge. How can I continue to work today. No way to take my car (still blocked everywhere, ice, danger), risky, .. and also colleagues and customer have the same problem. Face to face meeting is not possible.

Tomorrow I have a very important meeting with a customer, and I was supposed to have a meeting with my team to finalize a project. How can I Work today ?

Very easy :

* I have my DSL connection

* I have my laptop

* I have my Voice over IP, and currently have my headset on, talking to my 3 other colleagues… so working

* We are reviewing a documentation using the “sharing” option from communicator

* etc

As you can see “technology” has been strategic for me. I don’t take any risk, same for my colleagues.. and I continue to work.

I love my “Microsoft” mobility package !!

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