Books and online material to ramp up on “Identity Management”

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This is a very frequent question from customers and partners. How can I discover and train myself on IDentity and Access (IDA)products ?

Here is a link of books and online training for that. Hope this helps !


ForeFront Identity Manager (FIM)


This book is written by an MVP,  David Lundell (MVP).

It presents the basics of identity and access, what is ForeFront Identity Manager (FIM)  and how to configure it.

I think it is a very nice book discover Identity management

Online trainings :


Forums :


Forefront Unified Access Gateway


2 books are available for you. The first one on MS press, the second one – the Administrator’s handbook – has been written by two experts, who have more than 10 years of experience on this subject.

Did not have the opportunity yet to look at them, for sure written experienced people.

Online trainings :

Forums :

·         English :

·         French :


ForeFront Identity Manager (FIM) / Card management


If you have a “Smartcard” project, you will need to use FIM/CardManagement to automate everything.

This book covers this aspect and also how to use a hardware security module.

No online training

Forum (FIM)


Direct Access and IPV6 for Direct Access


There is no Direct Access book because there are a lot of materials. Because DA is based on IPV6 (and sub protocols), this book is excellent.

UAG DirectAccess deployment guide:

Introduction to IPv6:

DirectAccess Technical Overview for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2:

UAG DirectAccess prerequisites:



ADFS and Identity Access Control

If you want to understand Federation, this book is in fact “free”. §You can download it from Microsoft Web Site.

Book available for free :

UAG and ADFS V2 (Part  of UAG Service Pack 1) will come soon.




I will update this post if new things arrive !



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