Speedup UAG in « offline » environment

Most of the time, when running a demo or POC, your environment is not connected to the internet. Maybe you have noticed that in this case, the demo is a bit slow.

As an example, the first connection to UAG (after a long period or inactivity, or reboot, or IISreset) is slow (sort of frozen during 1 mn). IE seem to be “frozen”.

This is due to the fact that some of the components (on client and UAG) are “signed”. The operating system need to validate if these components are still valid and to do so, try do download CRL files hosted online by the company that “signed” these components, most of the time Microsoft.

Because you are not connected, we have this kind of “freeze” until it times out and continue.

Running fiddler (with HTTP watch you will not see it because this is not your IE session causing this request, I mean HTML or Javascript... but a component out of this session, so httpwatch don’t see it) you can see such behavior:


In this example, we can see that the machine is also trying to connect another web site :


To fix this follow this procedure:

·         Step 1, download from IE these CRL files from a machine with internet access. Download these files on a USB key. To do so, install fiddler, do a capture, and identify all the “red” lines (errors).

·         Step 2, on both client and server-side, double click each CRL files from this USB key, and install them manually.

As a result of that the OS (client and UAG) will be able to access them via the local cache, and so this will speed-up your environment.

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