Changing the policy error message (graphical)

The purpose of UAG is to provide “remote access” (more an employee term) and “application publishing” (more a partner or customer term). This means that UAG has to be ready to “talk” to people that are not IT specialists at all.



Security policy is very important since it gives you a wide range of approach to secure access to the application, and also to the DATA. But when you say “you are not authorized” to a user (could be a customer, a partner, ..), this user need to understand what is going on, and maybe how to fix the problem himself.



In many circumstances, we want to adapt the message that will be sent to the user if he is not compliant with the security policy. By default you provide “Text” message in the UAG, but you can also combine HTML and “graphics” to provide a better look and feel, and maybe go far beyond what text can provide to the end user.



Here is an example where a user tries to send an attachment in OWA, but unfortunately your security team has decided to block it. For example, because Antivirus Software is stopped, exposing the company to a big risk (risk of sending a file to X people that could be virus infected). Here is what the user gets when he tries this action:





I showed this demo in many cities in the Arabic region. Why ? Because we can assume that maybe the users that will connect application through UAG only speak Arabic. A good example would be to give access to a “city” or “government” portal. Citizens (by definition non IT people) must see the interface in their language.



With this demo, I wanted to show the ability for UAG to adapt to the end-user, and in this case I have decided to show flags, and a message in 3 languages.



To do so, I just set this HTML in the error message field (UAG console):



<img src='/internalsite/images/customupdate/policy1.jpg' width='600' height='300'/>






In this example I just injected an “Image”… but we could even go beyond for specific scenario. Imagine that you block an access because you have detected that the Antivirus software is installed, but has not been updated for now more than 24 hours. You could say “Mr/Mrs user, please update your antivirus”… or maybe do more, for example add a Video in the page where the user would “learn” how to do so.



So UAG here will help you to make your people happy, and reduce the cost of support!

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