Publishing SCVMM with UAG

One of my key partner wrote this nice blog about this scenario. Don’t miss it :    


Got stuck by “the cloud (snow)”… why I will work today !!!

France has been stuck yesterday because of the snow. It started to snow a lot around 2 PM and paralyzed part  of the country the rest of the day. Paris area was totally stuck. As a good example, I left “la defense” (North West of Paris) at 4 o’clock and arrived at midnight at home…


A good phishing example. How is structured this kind of attack

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to write a blog about a very nice experience I had – during a presentation in Copenhagen – where hacker tried to fake an identity and tried to force me via communicator to install a malware on my machine. I wrote this blog because it is a…


Books and online material to ramp up on “Identity Management”

Hi all,   This is a very frequent question from customers and partners. How can I discover and train myself on IDentity and Access (IDA)products ? Here is a link of books and online training for that. Hope this helps !   ForeFront Identity Manager (FIM) This book is written by an MVP,  David Lundell…


Reverse engineering: Understanding application (Web) complexity

    Part 1: the problem. With UAG, you can provide remote access towards many types of applications:   ·         Web applications: The “client” is in this case a simple browser, and dialog with go through UAG that will act as the reverse proxy. ·         “TCP” applications: the “client” of the application is an executable…


Implementing UAG/SSO with SCOM (With VNEXT, France)

Note from Fred ESNOUF : This article has been written by Hicham Bardawil ( UAG expert working for Vnext. I am just hosting his article since he used some of my previous posts to finalize his configuration. Congratulations Hicham ! You’ve seen in previous articles how to implement Web SSO through UAG for applications that…


A great example of “a social engineering” attack : my Polynesian friend Marceline attacked me this morning !!

The context/purpose of this blog It is always interesting to use real world examples to explain security, especially how “bad guys” manipulate people to steal information. This is a true story, “My” True story. This morning, I was listening to a very nice presentation in Copenhagen, and suddenly my friend Marceline started to chat with…


how to address complex WebSSO scenarios with UAG and customization

  This year, I will be at Tech Ready – a Microsoft internal event – giving a few sessions about Unified Access Gateway. One of them will be about Web Single Sign on, especially how UAG – using the internal engines and  customization – can address very complex scenarios. Idea of this post is to…


Speedup UAG in « offline » environment

Most of the time, when running a demo or POC, your environment is not connected to the internet. Maybe you have noticed that in this case, the demo is a bit slow. As an example, the first connection to UAG (after a long period or inactivity, or reboot, or IISreset) is slow (sort of frozen…