Unknown devide error when runing IAG Virtual Lab with “Windows Virtual PC” on Windows 7 RTM

I recently upgraded my machine to Windows 7 RTM, and have decided to also install the next version of Virtual PC named “Windows Virtual PC (WVPC)”.

I am using a lot the Microsoft IAG Virtual Lab (downloadable online) for my day to day work (demo, dev, …).

After attempting to start those Virtual Machines with WVPC (Ibiza is the IAG machine, Dallas is the DC/Exchange/MOSS one), I first encountered an Hybernation problem. It seem that WCPC do not like hybernation file generated by Virtual PC. I just renamed the hybernation file, and the Vmachine started. Problem 1 “solved”.

After the Virtual machine started, WVPC proposed me to UPDATE the “integration” component.

I of course responded positively, and it seem to worked. But, then the VM detected new “hardware” components, and did not find any driver for that. Looking at control Panel, I could clearly see a “unknown device in the USB controllers section. Also I had a strange side effect : mouse was moving slowly, something like if my machine was 100% CPU usage.


After a few tests, I finally did this :

  • Add/remove program, and remove additions : Reboot
  • In WVPC  menu, install the addition. During the installation process, Windows 2003 R2 will detect this new hardware and will you to load Win2300 R2 CD 2. In fact nothing in CD 2, so load CD1 and it found the driver: Reboot.


After reboot, everything seem to be ok. WVPC shows me the good GUI, with addition installed, and USB options.

=> My conclusion is that “upgrade” do not work perfectly.


I hope this will help you !

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