How to request for assistance when a Web Application is causing problems through IAG/UAG

On my blog, I have created a dedicated section (TAG = howTo-Filters) for IAG application filters. Every time I have to face a problem with a web application, I create a post on my blog, try to share the approach I used to identify the problem, and of course to fix it.


Check this link to get more details about application filters, and why sometimes web applications break through reverse proxy servers :

There is no official process to get an application filter. The only one I know is either ask to a partner, or (congratulation) propose the audience to learn how to do it.

In order to constatly add more advice on this particular part of IAG, I would like to ask for your help : Every time you encounter a problem with a Web Application, please send me an email.

I do not garantee that I will fix it, but will do my best, and want to use your material in order to propose more and more examples.

IMPORTANT : in the email you will send me, I must have several information in order to help you (otherwise investigation is impossible).

Here is the list :


    • Email and contact name (You)
    • Name and short description of what is that application, the name, the purpose, …
    • Is it a localized application ? If so, which language are you using for the application, and what is the language of the client computer
    • What is the internal FQDN used by a user to reach the application. For example : http://myapplication.internal.private. What is the external URL (with IAG) used ?
    • What is the user experience : send me screenshots and a few explanation about the process to repro the problem.

Probably the most important now !

In order to understand the problem – because each application is different – I need a traffic capture with a tool called HTTPwatch. You can download it at : If you don’t have a licence key, download the “BASIC EDITION” which is free, but will only capture the traffic (no analysis GUI).

Once HTTPWatch is installed, make sure that you follow this procedure :

CAPTURE 1 : your machine is on the LAN (without IAG). Clear your internet explorer cache (either with IE, or with the TOOLS section of HTTPwatch). Do the A to Z scenario until you reach the “problem”. If there are more than one “bad behavior”, continue your scenario in order to generate the other problems in the same capture. Once finished, save the trace, go to capture 1.


CAPTURE 2 : sometimes we need to compare the traffic without and with IAG. So you need to repro the same process (you must also clear the cache before you start second capture) but this time with IAG. Make sure that you are doing the same step by step pprocess as capture1, it will ease the debug.


Once you have that (filled out the questionaire, and attached the 2 traces), send that to me :

ONCE AGAIN, I DON’T GUARANTEE ANYTHING, but will do my best in order to help you and also share that with the community.

WARNING : if there are authentication pages in your application, please use login and password that cannot compromize your security. The capture will contain all the HTTP/HTTPs traffic, which means also the login and password you have used to reproduce this.


Let’s keep in touch !

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