Warsaw IDA event : "Dzień Dobry."

This week, I had the chance to join my friends of Microsoft Poland for a 2 days event around the IDA space. Snow was there !

The first day, more than 40 customers joined us for a conference at the Warsaw Technology Center. It's been for them a great opportunity to discover Microsoft IDA offer (IAG, RMS, ILM) and also a great opportunity to share with one of our technology partner, Gemalto, who presented their technologies around IAG (strong authentication including Smartcard, .net smartcard, One Time Password, ..) and ILM.


The next day 30 IT specialists joined me for a quick start training about IAG. It has been a great opportunity for me to discover the Polish market, the way they work, the technology they use... and of course in return how IAG can help them to publish and protect the business applications and the data.


It seem that the new features of IAG SP2 generated a lot of good ideas, especially around SingleSignOn scenarios (KCD, Mac & Linux support, ..) : we spend 45 minutes on this subject !

I hope that soon I will be able to go back again, it has been a very nice experience, and all the team has been very nice with me.

Dziekuje !

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